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Kunming: the cause and effect of the sharp rise in paper prices across the board paper is the most fierce according to the data survey, at present, the price of domestic household paper has increased by about 10%, and the price of cultural paper, wrapping paper, etc. has also increased by 30%. Magazines and periodicals that consume a lot of coated paper and white cardboard have also raised their prices this year. According to a book wholesale market staff, since March, the retail prices of some magazines have begun to adjust, such as "China fishing" from 6.8 yuan to 8 yuan, "health and beauty" from 9 yuan to 12 yuan, "new owner of modern property" magazine is also planning to adjust the selling price from 12 yuan to 18 yuan by the end of the year

according to Kunming Qunyi book wholesale company, the price of books, supplementary textbooks and children's books introduced into the market in June has been generally increased by 5% to 15%. The original price of "writing class practice for primary school students" rose to 10 yuan. In addition to directly affecting the wholesale and retail price adjustment of the market, the staff of the book wholesale market reported that some publishing houses have also reduced production costs by increasing the wholesale price discount or switching to light sheet printing

according to boss Yu Xingfang, the externalization of wholesale household paper in the wholesale market of commodity trading in Yunnan Province, at present, the prices of roll paper such as Qingfeng, four characteristics of xinxiangyin, Weida and jierou have also generally increased. 10 capsules of green and soft rose from 15 yuan to 17 yuan

in this round of price rise, paper has created the sharpest price rise record in the past five years. From more than 4000 tons to 62006500 tons. Since 2008, the soaring paper has forced major newspapers to quickly launch new plans and temporary countermeasures. Among them, reducing editions and raising prices are undoubtedly the most direct measures taken by all major newspapers and periodicals. According to the Kunming newspaper subscription market, in 2007, many newspapers in Kunming market could be ordered within 100 yuan, and this year, such newspapers made an annual subscription price of up to 180 yuan

the main reason is that the orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have rebounded sharply in the price of raw materials, which directly promotes the price rise of paper? According to the well-known paper industry in Yunnan, waste paper is the main raw material of papermaking in China at present. Waste pulp accounts for 59% of the pulp consumption. At present, the technology and capacity of recycling waste paper in China are relatively low, and most of them rely on imported waste paper pulp, accounting for more than 45% of the total. At present, waste paper imported from the United States (hereinafter referred to as "American waste") accounts for the majority of China's waste paper imports, and in the production cost of paper (taking paper as an example), the cost of waste paper accounts for% of the total cost

relevant data show that the price of American waste has been rising all the way since 2007. In the first half of 2007, the lowest quotation of American waste was only 160 US dollars per ton. By the end of January 2008, the quotation of American waste No. 8 had reached 250 US dollars per ton. Why does the price of American waste rise? According to the analysis of insiders, in addition to the impact of the financial crisis in the United States, the increase in domestic demand in China is also one of the reasons. Under the premise that the continuous total supply of American waste is flat, China's domestic demand for it has increased in recent years, resulting in supply exceeding demand, thus pushing up its market price

the cost is rising due to the long production chain.

in addition to the price of raw materials affecting the increasing price of paper, the long chain of paper production also makes its cost superimposed again and again. From slicing, cooking, fiber bleaching to paper out of the oven, a piece of paper has experienced deformation, qualitative change and price change. The salesperson of Yunnan Luliang Yinhe Paper Industry said that the paper cost had already begun to be charged before the car pulling wood entered the factory. The most important cost of logistics and transportation is oil. For example, some paper industries from forestry to paper production have to bear the cost pressure of scientific research, seedling selection and cultivation, forest growth cycle cost, labor cost and so on. It's hard not to raise the price of paper

the sales person in charge of Yunnan area of domestic listed paper industry calculated such an account. In the process of converting pulp into paper, coal must be used to generate electricity or steam to complete the heating and drying processes. At present, the price increase of coal and electricity requires a large amount of coal in this link, resulting in cost growth. Secondly, to form paper, many chemical raw materials must be added, and the cost of chemical raw materials has increased significantly than before. In addition, in the transportation link, paper arrival, platform forklift scheduling and other links need oil, and the current rise in oil prices also brings cost pressure to this link. Cost pressure, like the domino effect, has pushed up the price of paper

in addition to the rise in paper price costs caused by the above reasons, well-known paper enterprises in Yunnan also believe that the further strict implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection policies has also led many paper enterprises to increase expenditure on maintenance costs. The cost of environmental protection treatment increased, and the profits of paper enterprises were compressed. Some small production enterprises with weak ability to resist risks have shut down or switched to other products. According to non authoritative statistics, by the beginning of 2008, about 10000 tons of paper enterprises with small and medium-sized production capacity had been shut down. This has had a great impact on the supply and demand of the whole market. An insider told the introduction

consequence 1 newspapers and periodicals outside the province have raised prices to cope with the sharp rise in the price of

paper, which has a direct impact on the downstream paper media industry. In response to the pressure of rising paper costs, newspapers and magazines around the country have raised or prepared to raise retail prices

Peninsula Metropolis Daily, the newspaper with the largest circulation in Qingdao, has begun to adjust its retail price to 1 yuan per copy this month. The price rise announcement issued by it explained that since this year, due to the continuous sharp rise in paper prices, the phenomenon of upside down between newspaper distribution costs and retail pricing, and between price and value has become increasingly serious, and even illegal sales have occurred in some circulation links

the annual subscription price of Chengdu Business Daily and West China Metropolis Daily was adjusted from the original 140 yuan to 240 yuan, and the retail price of both newspapers was adjusted from the original 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan; The annual subscription price of Chengdu evening news was adjusted from 100 yuan to 170 yuan, and the retail price was adjusted from 0.5 yuan to 0.80 yuan

consequence 2 the variety of new books may be reduced by 10% this year

the increase in the printing cost of books has posed a certain pressure on publishing institutions. Bai Ye, a well-known scholar, expressed concern about this. He believed that the rise in the price of paper would lead to the failure of some valuable books with a small market to meet readers

last year, the total number of book publishing varieties in China reached 240000, but this year is not necessarily. A private publishing company predicted that the variety of new books would decrease by about 10% in 2008

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