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Warburg Pincus video conference helps China Merchants Bank develop steadily

since the 1990s, the trend of economic globalization is developing rapidly. Under the catalysis of modern information technology, the flow and allocation of production factors such as capital, technology, labor and so on are carried out on a larger and larger scale worldwide, and the economies of various countries are increasingly involved in the unified world market system. With the tide of China's further integration into the world economy, the pace of opening up the financial industry to foreign capital is accelerating, and foreign financial institutions have also increased their ability to carry out business in China and launched fierce competition with state-owned banks. In the face of various challenges, domestic financial institutions, while expanding business income, strengthen the means and strength of intensive management within enterprises by increasing the input of investment indicators and dials of science and technology. Video conference system has become one of the effective means for financial institutions to realize information management, reduce operating costs and improve work efficiency

project background

China Merchants Bank is the sixth largest commercial bank in China and one of the large domestic financial groups, with a net capital of 117.055 billion yuan, more than 700 institutions and more than 37000 employees, and ranks among the top 100 major banks in the world. By the end of October 2011, China Merchants Bank had 32 Tier-1 branches, 50 tier-2 branches, 12 directly affiliated sub branches and more than 760 sub branches in 93 cities in Chinese Mainland, 2 branch level franchise institutions, 2 overseas branches, 1 subsidiary bank, 1622 self-service banks, more than 1500 off-line self-service equipment and a wholly-owned subsidiary. With continuous financial innovation and high-quality customer service, it is necessary to check the electrical control system, stable business style and good business performance. China Merchants Bank has developed into one of the most influential commercial banks in China

as one of the six major domestic commercial banks, China Merchants Bank has a large number of customer groups, branches all over the country, and actively expand overseas markets. The complexity and difficulty of its management is self-evident for such a huge enterprise. China Merchants Bank Shanghai branch is one of the branches with the largest business volume and busiest business of China Merchants Bank. In order to create a low-cost and efficient work and training mode, China Merchants Bank decided to pilot the Shanghai branch to build a three-level network video conference system with the head office connecting the branches and directly reaching the branches, so as to achieve the goals of rapid policy implementation, unified video training and global collaborative meetings. According to the requirements of China Merchants Bank, the system needs to be based on broadband communication network to realize low bandwidth HD video application, and can realize 1080p Full HD video under 1m bandwidth; The system must be fully compatible with the existing set of foreign brand video conference system of China Merchants Bank, and realize the system extension from branches to sub branches on the basis of this video conference system; At the same time, the system should be able to support the software and hardware terminal access mode


according to the specific needs of China Merchants Bank and the current situation of the original video conference system, Warburg Pincus takes avcon UCC unified collaborative communication system as the platform to realize hardware docking with the original foreign brand video conference system in Shanghai Branch, and deploys Warburg Pincus cs2800 HD terminal in each branch to realize the connection between branches, and finally realize the three-level video conference of the head office, branches and branches. The project is approved by the internal experts of China Merchants Bank. A high-definition conference terminal is equipped at the main venue of Shanghai Branch, which is responsible for accessing one way of local standard definition video and one way of VGA acquisition notebook. The system deployed a total of 10 SD video conferencing hardware terminals and 65 software clients. The system adopts a distributed structure design, which can not only carry out the three-level video conference function of the head office, branches and sub branches, but also does not affect the video conference application between the head office and branches in the original system. At the same time, it also gives Shanghai branch and major sub branches the function of holding meetings independently

in the process of video conference, the system can display three words of "unqualified" in red and send out an alarm sound if it is unqualified in succession, and manually screen the correct branch image for broadcasting, so as to achieve the effect of polling. In addition, Warburg Pincus also arranged technicians to coordinate with the PPT synchronization of the speaker to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting. Each sub branch is equipped with a universal experimental machine to synchronously display the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve, etc; The universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) has the functions of limit, automatic overload protection, automatic stop when the sample breaks, etc. it has a camera and microphone, which can determine which branch to speak or ask questions for interaction according to the needs of the host. After the meeting, you can also ask questions and answer questions. At this time, call up the discussion template for everyone to ask questions. The on-site host teacher answered questions and dispelled doubts according to the questions raised during the discussion

system architecture diagram

system features

the system adopts hardware docking and is fully compatible with the original foreign brand video conference system, which protects the original investment of China Merchants Bank and maximizes its utilization

the system fully supports h.264highlprofile coding technology, which can realize 1080p HD video application under 1m bandwidth, effectively reducing the occupation of video conference on the internal IP dedicated bandwidth of China Merchants Bank, and providing guarantee for the normal operation of other businesses of China Merchants Bank

the system supports the meeting mode of combining software and hardware. Participants no longer need to be limited to the video conference room. In the office, they can also join the meeting with PC or laptop, which effectively strengthens the convenience of the meeting and improves the efficiency of the meeting

the system reserves monitoring and VoIP interfaces, and can incorporate counter monitoring and VoIP into the system when necessary, so as to realize the comprehensive integration and application of conference, monitoring and VoIP within China Merchants Bank

the system supports powerful data functions such as electronic whiteboard, screen sharing and discussion, and provides the functions of sharing, discussion and statistics for the meeting, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting

implementation effect

after China Merchants Bank completed and put into use, Warburg Pincus video conference system has become the cornerstone of China Merchants Bank's financial business innovation. It is one of the means to practice the business philosophy that changes because of you, and it is also the basis to improve the level of internal control and management. Warburg Pincus video conference system is an effective means to realize internal meetings, staff training, technical scheme discussion, policy communication and other work between Shanghai branch and the head office and its subordinate branches. Strengthen the effective control and business management of subordinate units, achieve efficient office work and reduce conference expenses. The intuitive, reliable and convenient conference effect provides a safe, convenient and fast technical foundation for the gradual realization of flat management in the future

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