The hottest wardrobe hardware accessories increase

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Wardrobe hardware accessories increase with the increase of wardrobe market share

generally, wardrobe hardware includes guide rails, hinges, pull baskets, air braces, handles, etc., and international major brands have relatively perfect technology and process levels. Although domestic hardware production has also developed to a certain extent, the overall level is uneven, and small enterprises are mostly manual workshops. Inadequate product technology and production technology often lead to low quality accessories, which affects the quality of the whole product and shortens the service life of the product

technological innovation promotes the development of wardrobe hardware

in the past, wardrobe hardware was only a supporting role in the wardrobe industry and did not receive enough attention. As a result, there is still a big gap between the functionality of our wardrobe hardware and foreign products. How to improve versatility and interchangeability, advocate people-oriented, pay attention to safety, convenience, environmental protection, speed, and make products perfect, and so on, these problems still need our continuous efforts to develop and forge ahead

by analyzing foreign products, we can find that foreign wardrobe hardware is integrated with new technology, new process and new materials. To improve the level of wardrobe hardware in China, we must accelerate the application of high and new technology in this industry. Now domestic universities have listed hardware as a research topic, and note that the driver program description document will reinstall the development of function and appearance

increasing market demand

it is understood that with the development of society and the improvement of life quality, consumers have put forward higher requirements for wardrobe products. Excellent wardrobe hardware can reflect the humanized principle of people-oriented in these daily actions. The humanized concepts of safety, labor saving, silence and comfort will be further integrated into the development and design of a pair of hardware. However, the style and requirements put forward by customers are very likely to have no matching wardrobe hardware. Therefore, the development of new products in wardrobe enterprises needs to be combined with hardware companies

make full use of the design, technology and equipment advantages of both sides to form a new business form. Wardrobe products and hardware accessories are designed, manufactured and debugged synchronously, so that social resources can be optimally allocated

in the future, the market share of wardrobe will be larger and larger

as a necessary product for home, the performance of hardware in wardrobe will directly affect the service life of building wardrobe, and as an accessory in wardrobe, its quality will directly affect the energy-saving efficiency of wardrobe when providing supporting wardrobe. Jinan gold testing machine has quality assurance results. Therefore, high-quality wardrobe plays an important role in building energy conservation

at present, the low-end market shows a trend of transferring to the medium and high-end market, and the proportion of the medium and high-end market is increasing year by year. 1. The waterproof engineering of building decoration is increased. With the passage of time, the market share of the medium and high-end market will become larger and larger in the future. In addition, the market share of medium and high-end wardrobe accessories will continue to increase; As prices rise, the price of door and window accessories also rises

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