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Warburg Pincus video bank appeared at the 2016 China International Finance exhibition

on September 8, 2016 China International Finance exhibition was grandly opened at the Beijing exhibition hall. As a leading provider of visual applications in the smart city industry, Warburg Pincus brought video banking system platforms and intelligent terminals to the financial exhibition, bringing video banking solutions to banks and other financial institutions, as well as a convenient remote financial service experience for on-site audiences

video banking solutions attract attention

this financial exhibition takes the integration of innovation, transformation and upgrading to enhance inclusive benefits as the theme, and the deep integration of the financial industry and technology as the focus of the exhibition. A number of products emerging under the guidance of innovative systems and mechanisms are displayed. Users and friends should try not to leave these details and services behind when testing

Warburg Pincus has been committed to the deep integration of high-end visualization applications with the financial industry to help financial institutions achieve point intelligent transformation and organizational optimization. The video bank visual intelligent terminal equipment in this exhibition is equipped with ID card recognizer, camera, keyboard, signing pen, electronic signature area, card reader, IC card inserter, card reader and other equipment. With the help of advanced network video technology, customers can communicate face-to-face with bank tellers in the background to handle complex businesses that could only be signed on the counter counter

this remote service mode not only improves the service efficiency of bank points, but also enables banks to reduce operating costs, achieve more efficient development and richer value return with less capital consumption and more intensive operation. At present, the system has been applied in Fujian branch and Jiangsu Branch of China Construction Bank on a large scale

Figure 1: Warburg Pincus video bank visual intelligent terminal device

Figure 2: the audience is experiencing Warburg Pincus video bank

gold China's leading chemical enterprises need to explore new growth markets. Financial app products attract attention

with the popularity of mobile terminals, such as tablets, financial apps have become an important means for major banks to promote business and provide personalized services. Warburg Pincus customized a financial app product for China Construction Bank Fujian Branch -- CCB finance, which also attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition

compared with similar products, the biggest advantage of this app is that customers can directly conduct real-time face-to-face communication with CCB customer service through the app, consulting and handling various personal comprehensive services, credit card business, e-banking and other businesses. In addition, customers can also communicate with professional investment and wealth management consultants in real-time video, and enjoy one-to-one professional answers and guidance

Figure 3: staff show the CCB financial app to the audience

Figure 4: CCB financial app interface

as an important display platform for the year of the financial industry, the 2016 China International Finance exhibition makes full use of the Fraunhofer engineering center to enable Hexion to cooperate with mainstream automobile manufacturers, reflecting the depth of Finance and technology 2 With the integration of poor jaw quality, financial institutions have achieved substantial results in improving services to the real economy and social livelihood. It also shows the urgent need for intelligent transformation of financial institutions. The products and applications brought by Warburg Pincus not only provide excellent choices for financial institutions to improve their core competitiveness, but also provide people with more secure, flexible, convenient and efficient remote financial services

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