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Tianzhi Tongda settled in windowsazure to build a mobile media cloud platform

ctiforum on April 22 (Li Wenjie): Recently, the industry leader of mobile media platform, Beijing Tianzhi Tongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianzhi Tongda) signed a public cloud cooperation agreement with 21vianet Data Center Co., Ltd, If the mobile media of Tianzhi Tongda has abnormal institutional actions, the database will be based on the windowsazure platform operated by 21vianet to provide a new and open mobile media cloud ecosystem and one-stop mobile media cloud services for third-party content providers. So far, the strategic cooperation between Tianzhi Tongda and Microsoft China has been in full swing. As early as a year ago, the two sides have carried out a number of cooperation on the application and advertising level based on the Windows 8 platform. At the same time, Tianzhi Tongda has also become one of the partners of Microsoft's BizSpark project

according to the cooperation agreement in 17 cities of Shandong Province, tianzhitongda () will use windowsazure operated by 21vianet as its mobile media cloud platform. The two sides will carry out a series of in-depth cooperation and resource integration around content operation, platform technical support, etc., and provide mature, flexible and stable mobile media cloud platform related services and solutions based on cloud computing technology to meet the growing market demand

since its establishment, Tianzhi Tongda has been deeply engaged in the overall solution of mobile media. Its VC platform carries the bandwidth and data flow of more than 500 media at home and abroad. With the new challenges and opportunities brought by big data to new media, facing the massive users from different regions of the country and even the world, and the imbalance of the number at different time points, Tianzhi Tongda hopes to bring a smoother and worry free reading experience to every reader. Windowsazure, operated by 21vianet, as the first international public cloud service to enter China, has experience in the operation and service of large-scale data centers, and can provide the world's first-class technical platform and professional, reliable and stable services. The two companies had a long discussion on future business development and cooperation, and finally Tianzhi Tongda chose windowsazure operated by 21vianet. With the flexible, reliable and high-value cloud services of windowsazure, Tianzhi Tongda will store and transmit Pb level data, and use its data center to realize remote disaster recovery, so as to provide a favorable guarantee for users' information security and business continuity

Tianzhi Tongda's operation support system is based on mature open source technologies such as Linux, ngnix, mysql, Tomcat, etc. at present, its mobile media background service has begun to migrate to the windowsazure platform operated by 21vianet, hoping to provide more perfect cloud support for front-end devices including windows, Android and other platforms with the help of windowsazure open technology

Microsoft attaches great importance to the cooperation with Tianzhi Tongda. The two sides will jointly explore and try more in the technical support based on Microsoft cloud, from the business level to the technical level. Microsoft will also assist Tianzhi Tongda in more market development, hoping to move 2 in China New progress has been made in the mobile media market by holding the sample on the experimental chuck

lijibing, the founder and CEO of Tianzhi Tongda, said that as a provider of mobile media services to provide gb/t 2542 (1) 992 bricklaying experimental methods, Tianzhi Tongda has established a SaaS based cloud technology platform since its inception. The VC platform is a comprehensive digital publishing system from content production to client display, a reading platform that aggregates content and user resources, and is also an advertising channel. In general, It is a mobile digital intelligent ecosystem that connects media, enterprises, users and brand owners. For such an ecosystem, we must choose a highly reliable and stable cloud service provider, which is also an important reason why we choose to cooperate with windowsazure. Windowsazure, operated by 21vianet, not only provides a solid guarantee for big data of Tianzhi Tongda, but also enables our users to benefit from the new business possibilities brought by this, and enables us to focus on mobile media business

Mr. yanzhiqing, general manager of Microsoft China's windows azure business department, said that we had conducted relevant cooperation discussions with Tianzhi Tongda at the beginning of the entry of windows azure into China. The concept of cloud plus end has been advocated by Microsoft. The business content of Tianzhi Tongda company is consistent with this strategic direction of Microsoft in terms of architecture and business. I believe that this cooperation is another new attempt and breakthrough of windows azure in the field of domestic media

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