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Tian Yuan printing was invited to participate in the "Beijing Fair"

from May 28 to June 1, 2013, the second China (Beijing) International Trade in services Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing Fair) was grandly held in the National Conference Center, and Tian Yuan printing was invited to participate

with the approval of the State Council, the Beijing Fair is the first grand event in the field of China's trade in services, hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and co organized by the Beijing Municipal People's government. It is positioned at the national, international and comprehensive trade in Services Conference. This Beijing Fair is a well-known enterprise and high-end service in the field of domestic service economy with trade in services: value improvement is a better packaging selection engine

Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, and Dawa, Secretary General of the China Express Association, visited the Tianyuan booth, whether it was a Dutch citizen or not, to conduct a comprehensive investigation and understanding of the new products and technologies of Tianyuan, and expressed high appreciation for the waterproof bar code and anti-counterfeiting sealing glue newly developed by Tianyuan. They said that Tianyuan's innovation has brought a safer and more convenient operating environment to the entire postal express industry

Mr. Zhou Xiaowei, chairman of Tian Yuan printing, was invited to participate in the 2013 China Express Service oto business negotiation. At the same time, he delivered a wonderful speech on the zero inventory management solution of Express materials. In the speech, engineering plastics are used in many industries. He pointed out that most enterprises focus on single category products and win the market through scale, while Tian Yuan chooses to blossom at multiple points, and different categories of products go hand in hand, Provide customers with one-stop procurement, change the material supply mode of the express industry, change the single product supply to integrated supply, and build an integrated supplier. With Tianyuan's three production bases, 13 warehousing and distribution centers, 20 offices and 48 hour distribution services in 19 provinces and cities across the country, it truly realizes the zero inventory management of Express materials for customers, and provides customers with Bayer materials technology, which has 30 production bases in the world About 14300 employees have high-speed docking services

Tianyuan printing's unique business model attracted many well-known enterprises attending the meeting. After the meeting, they expressed their intention to strengthen communication and cooperation, which was unanimously recognized by professionals in the industry. They also said that the new ideas brought by Tianyuan to the express industry not only complied with the needs of the market economy, but also made their own contributions to the express development of Express materials

in the comprehensive display and theme promotion activities, Tian Yuan is even more unique. The 62 square meter image display, 11 categories of integrated products, 8 series of new product experience, integrated distribution service advantages, etc. have attracted many domestic and foreign customers, and let customers experience various new technologies, leaving a deep impression on customers and peers

at this Beijing fair, Tianyuan received unanimous praise from well-known Express customers at home and abroad, improved the brand image of Tianyuan, and achieved great gains. The company will seize the opportunity to play a greater role in the construction of Express materials in China

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