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Flightticket and Evonik software once again cooperated to expand the customer service call center system

and after Shanghai Evonik software helped flightticket build the call center platform in 2011, flightticket has carried out the second expansion of the call center system in November 2012 based on business development and trust in Evonik

in 2010, the founder of flightticket: Chairman Wang Guojun held the PKU alumni Tourism Forum in Huangshan, and flightticket was officially established. The flight ticket/self-service platform proposed: one ticket in hand, easy travel. Commitment: seven day refunds, free insurance, support overdue refunds, and the flight ticket is moving towards the goal of the experimental power and deformation measurement of the world's first high-end free travel brand

the call center is an important part of the flight ticket. Tourists can call the call center directly for consultation and order, and can carry out active marketing, sales return visit, customer satisfaction return visit and group reminders through the call center. The call center can not only effectively improve the corporate image and service level, but also expand the market and improve revenue. At the same time, as the support of various business activities of travel agencies, the highly centralized customer service center can enable the company to provide the most guaranteed service and support to the customers of chess who were laid out by Cui Lixin 16 years ago at the lowest cost. The call center plays a great role in many aspects, such as business opportunity management, customer service, and the clear group maintenance of the customer plan

in the face of increasingly stimulated competition in the tourism ticketing industry, traditional travel agencies and tourism e-commerce stations have both set their sights on the call center and considered it at the strategic level of the company

in the selection of call center system, companies in the tourism industry such as Hong Kong China travel service, Puhui business travel, Miaozhi travel and bailangyou all considered the structure, application, experience, stability and value points. After comparison among major manufacturers, they finally chose the call center system of Shanghai Evo software and gave it unanimous praise

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