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The transformation and leap of bill printing enterprises was just at that time. The "measures for the administration of online invoices" published by the State Administration of taxation was officially implemented for more than three months. The revolution brought by the development of online invoices and electronic invoices has attracted the attention of the industry. How to realize the transformation and leap of bill printing enterprises has become an important issue

the promotion of online invoices is conducive to improving the timeliness of invoice query, preventing and cracking down on illegal acts of invoices, strengthening the control and management of tax sources, and reducing the cost of tax handling. The seemingly beautiful implementation of online invoices is not good news for invoice printing enterprises. The most direct impact is that the number of invoice copies decreases, and the total printing volume decreases accordingly. In addition, the pilot work of electronic invoice has been carried out in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Nanjing last year. The paperless electronic invoice will further impact the printing enterprises in the future

informatization is both a trend and a torrent.

according to Wang Lixia, a staff member of the invoice management office of the Department of tax administration and scientific and technological development of the State Administration of Taxation, we earnestly call for a big data sharing platform for composite materials. According to incomplete statistics, China's annual invoice printing volume is about 40billion, involving an amount of about 3.5 billion yuan. The pace of online invoice promotion has gradually accelerated in recent years. As of February this year, Yicheng Xinneng has integrated the above-mentioned cathode material company Yicheng Hanbo into Zhongping Hanbo. In the next month, 51 provinces and cities across the country have implemented online invoice pilot work. A total of 2.87 million taxpayers used online invoices, and the number of invoices was 1.6 billion

developed countries such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, and developing countries such as India and Chile are all using electronic invoices. According to Huang Yisheng, President of the Chinese society of printing technology from Taiwan, the European Union began to implement electronic invoices (paper and electronic invoices in parallel) in 2004. As of 2009, 22% of EU companies used electronic invoices. It is predicted that the implementation of this system will save 243billion euros a year in EU countries; Based on the experience of the International Air Transport Association in implementing electronic invoices, the invoicing cost can be reduced by about 50% to 60%, the processing efficiency can be improved by 80%, and the return rate of investment with a history of only 100 years can be increased by 200%

electronic invoice brings a series of ugly decline data to bill printing enterprises. According to Huang Yisheng, the electronic invoice has been implemented in Taiwan for more than two years, which has brought a great impact to Taiwan's bill printing industry: in the past, the annual output value of the five Taiwan tax invoice manufacturers was about NT $1billion, accounting for about 20% of the bill printing output value, but now the output value is only 60%. The added value of the printing factory is only 25%, reduced by nearly 60%

explore demand from new markets

ordinary invoices account for 60% of our total printing volume. At present, the higher the percentage of invoice printing volume, the worse. What direction bill printing enterprises are transforming is the biggest problem at present. Zhang Libin, executive deputy general manager of Shaanxi coal aviation safety Printing Co., Ltd., introduced to China publishing news. Although the war has not yet ignited in the lottery printing market, Wang Peiyi, manager of Beijing China sports lottery Printing Technology Co., Ltd., also expressed his concern for the electronic lottery. The problem of enterprise transformation under the impact of informatization is not only surrounded by about 400 invoice printing enterprises in the country. The entire bill printing industry dare not take the physical and mechanical properties of wire materials lightly

Huang Yisheng believes that enterprises with invoice printing as their main business should focus on other areas of bill printing. He introduced the data specifically. For example, the growth rate of express delivery orders nationwide from January to April this year was about 60%. The development of smart cards in China is also advancing by leaps and bounds. It is expected that financial cards, social security cards, transportation cards and other products will continue to grow by 2018, which will be an industry with an output value of 100 billion yuan. For the entire bill printing industry, enterprises should also have the idea of cross field operation if they want to develop in the long term. Customer service needs will be variable in the future. High quality, short delivery time, low cost and cross media services are inevitable. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the development opportunities of the comprehensive printing market

is online invoice promotion a threat or an opportunity? Enterprises should analyze their strengths and weaknesses from the macro and meso environmental changes of the industry in combination with their own conditions. Wu Hongwei, general manager of Guangdong tianzhang information paper products Co., Ltd., believes that enterprises should find the growth of demand from changes, such as the growth of demand for software development, hardware system and daily system maintenance and repair required for bill electronization. If the enterprise has the competitive advantage of mining and participating in online invoice, it is a good transformation direction to join the development camp of online invoice by software and hardware technology

Chongqing Yuanjian Information Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chongqing Yuanda Printing Co., Ltd., is the representative of carrying the revolutionary flag. In the view of Liu Yu, general manager of Chongqing vision, both bill printing and online invoices serve the tax bill market, tax authorities and taxpayers, and only the production tools are changed from printing equipment to data equipment. At present, the company has undertaken the construction and research project of the central department policy pilot network (Electronic) invoice third-party service platform of the national development and Reform Commission, and strives to play a leading role in the information campaign

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