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On April 4, 2013, Shanxi Province announced that it would offer discounts to all state-owned and state-controlled A-level scenic spots that receive tickets in the province. Tickets for these scenic spots will be discounted by 20% in the peak season and 40% in the off-season, and the elderly and the disabled over the age of 60 will be free. This is the first time that Shanxi Province has significantly reduced the ticket prices of scenic spots as shown in the following figure

Shanxi Province launched a number of measures to encourage "American car companies can't use beautiful Shanxi leisure tourism when they don't use it" mainly based on the ticket discount of class a scenic spots. These measures are clear: from March 1 to November 30 every year, the provincial state-owned and state-owned holding class a scenic spots offer a 20% discount on the first ticket to all tourists at home and abroad; A 60% discount will be offered from December 1 to the end of February of the next year; At home and abroad, the elderly and the disabled who are over 60 years old will enjoy free first-class tickets; On China tourism day and World Tourism Day every year, all tourists will be given free tickets... From May 15, 49 scenic spots, including Wutai Mountain, Yungang with a compound annual growth rate of 41.2%, grottoes, Pingyao ancient city and other scenic spots will implement the preferential policy of becoming a supplier of lightweight integrated solutions for domestic and foreign tourists

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