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Ticwatch smart ask watch how about Bluetooth men and women's heart rate positioning Apple Android sports waterproof WiFi

ticwatch smart ask watch Bluetooth men and women's heart rate positioning Apple Android sports waterproof WiFi

phase 6 interest free broke through 7x55 aluminum alloy pre stretched thick plate strength and toughness matching difficult information push, receive and hit heart rate monitoring

use for a month feeling: the watch looks really good. I have a Huawei watch to compare the screen ratio Huawei's large thickness is also more relevant than Huawei's experimental specifications, and its small charging method is better than Huawei's. in terms of use, I feel that the design of the system is better than Huawei's. There is a drag shadow on the screen, which is not as smooth as Huawei's. You know, Huawei has been in service for more than one year, and the battery has not been experienced for a long time, but it should not be as good as Huawei's. Huawei can use it for 3 days (moderate use) However, compared with the price of 899 and 2588, the price performance ratio is very high

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product parameters:

brand: ticwatch

model: tw-5

communication type: no card

strap size: suitable for millimeter wrist circumference

color classification: streamer gold Obsidian gold refined steel

memory capacity (ROM): 512mb

storage materials scientific progress storage capacity (RAM) : 4GB

screen size: 1.5 inches

screen resolution: 320x320 pixels

connection method: Bluetooth connection

battery capacity: 300mAh

case material: stainless steel

strap material: Leather

weight: 56g

dial shape: round plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology form

compatible platform: Android IOS

function: heart rate monitoring intelligence remind social entertainment Bluetooth call meter step remote self timer Waterproof

wireless distance: 10m and above

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