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In recent years, Tianzhu fiber textiles have always been the mainstream products that the participating enterprises of the China knitting association are keen to promote. Tianyuan napkin and Haosheng home textile, but the main role is to form and shrink, bamboo brocade and other bamboo fiber brand enterprises have a lot of factors to contribute to the rapid growth of the exhibition, as well as well-known enterprises in Hebei Tianlun, Jihua 3543 and other industries that focus on the promotion of Tianzhu fiber yarn and fabric also tasted a lot of sweetness at the exhibition. With the official implementation of the new national standards for more and more 9 kinds of food contact materials and products of Tianzhu fiber, it is increasingly recognized by industry enterprises. In the electronic information and electrical appliance industry, more home textile and knitting terminal brand enterprises will include Tianzhu fiber in their product series, and take Tianzhu fiber series textiles as a highlight of the China needle knitting exhibition

after careful planning by the Organizing Committee and the Tianzhu Industry Alliance before the exhibition, the Tianzhu industry alliance has set up a comprehensive Tianzhu Industry Museum area of more than 300 square meters. A number of upstream and downstream enterprises of the Tianzhu Industry Alliance in the Tianzhu Museum area have jointly participated in the exhibition. The exhibits include fiber, yarn, fabrics, home textiles, ready-made clothes and other one-stop Tianzhu fiber textiles. There is also a special fashion trend release area in the museum area, It is for the exhibitors of Tianzhu alliance to release wonderful model fashion shows of exhibition products at any time. The fashion show will display the characteristic products of Tianzhu fiber in an all-round way from underwear, home clothes, napkins and other aspects, so that the audience can feel the charm of Tianzhu fiber products more closely

during the exhibition, all members of Tianzhu alliance participating enterprises will be accommodated uniformly by the organizer, and a special bus marked "Tianzhu Industrial Alliance special vehicle" will be equipped for Tianzhu industrial alliance. In addition, the exhibition certificate used by the members of the alliance in the exhibition hall is also customized by the organizer for the Tianzhu industrial alliance

on March 9, Tianzhu industry alliance and the exhibition organizers jointly organized the China Textile Business Forum. At the forum, representatives of Tianzhu alliance will introduce in detail the characteristics and functions of bamboo fiber and the development progress of bamboo fiber products in the knitting field

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