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On August 28, Xu Fulu, manager of Tianyuan jujube products development Co., Ltd. in Cang County, Hebei Province, who was going to Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province to participate in the China Pollution-free Food Expo, received a call from a Korean businessman, telling him that the sugar free jujube juice of the company left a good impression on him, but it had stricter specifications and inspection standards, and said that he would visit the company in the near future

it turned out that this Korean businessman once came to yaoguantun "Olympic special" company to purchase football. He had to mix jujube juice into fresh milk to drink when eating. The manager of the company recommended sugar free golden jujube juice to him, and he drank it repeatedly

mentioning the deep processing of jujube, xufulu introduced that once he went to Yinchuan "Wang Zhongwang" company and found that the sales of sour jujube juice there were very popular. He considered Cangxian County as the main production place of golden jujube, but the deep processing of jujube has not formed a climate. If he engaged in deep processing of jujube, he can solve the difficulty of jujube farmers in selling jujube and increase the value of jujube

for this reason, he learned from many sources and went to Beijing Food Research Institute several times to hire experts. Since August last year, 4.7 million yuan has been invested to build the factory. By March this year, one of the production lines has produced qualified products, with a daily output of 30000 kg, an annual precision of 0.005 mm and a consumption of more than 2 million kg of jujube. In order to solve the problem of pesticide residues in jujube, they also invested more than 900000 yuan to introduce a poison extractor, which improved the quality of products. Eight varieties of sugar free type, detoxification and beauty care type and ordinary type have been developed, all of which have been rated as health and safety fully up to standard food by the China Food Industry Association. Sugar free Zizyphus jujube juice has also obtained a national patent

recently, after many experiments, they have successfully developed jujube powder. The amount of jujube powder produced by jujube powder is very large, which will enable more jujube in Cangxian county to find a market through deep processing

latest news of Chinese jujube: on August 29, Tianyuan jujube juice was favored by Chinese and foreign merchants at the China pollution-free food expo held in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province, and was unanimously recommended as a special drink for the conference to place the standard sample at the working jaw of the impact testing machine

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