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The ticket purchasing platform of the Ministry of Railways suspended its service and responded that due to air conditioning failure (Figure)

1230, the fabric was continuously filled until it was formed. In the afternoon of December 24, the ticket selling system "12306" on the railway issued an announcement saying that "due to hardware equipment failure, emergency repair is being organized and the internet ticket selling service is temporarily suspended". Later, an announcement was issued that "due to the failure of air conditioning equipment, Internet booking has been restored after emergency repair"

@Davi_ Yan: with so much money invested, you can't build several standby air conditioners. Do you usually turn them on in turn? As a result, I spent an extra 10 yuan to buy tickets at the ticket office this afternoon. I have to pay for this loss

@ people walk in chaliang other international mines except Largo in Brazil -m-j-z: is there any inevitable relationship? Is it that the air conditioner repair needs the cooperation of office staff to stop working, or is the office staff unwilling to work in an environment without air conditioner

@ song Tiejun dqunicom: the design of the computer room is unreasonable. Large machine rooms should be equipped with two air conditioners, which should be started and maintained in turn. It indicates that there is a design defect at the beginning. Did the designer not consider it, or did he save money

@_ Uncle Ben: the railway system goes through air conditioning. 3.2? No wonder standing old stuck

@dk306: the air conditioner in the unloading machine room should be broken in the strengthening stage. But to be honest, there is something wrong with the adaptability of the railway system. In a Unicom machine room, I saw with my own eyes that the air conditioner in the machine room was broken, and the leader immediately made a decision: chisel the wall for ventilation and cooling. It will take some time to make the railway system customer-oriented

@ fruit fungus: in fact, this is normal. The machine room needs multiple air conditioners to blow continuously day and night, otherwise the server load is quite hot. But I'm curious that the air conditioners in the computer room are now equipped with monitoring and early warning systems. It's impossible for all the air conditioners to break down at the same time, right? Even if it breaks down, is there no standby air conditioner

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