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The development trend of plastic injection blow molding hollow containers in China during the "sixth five year plan" and "Seventh Five Year Plan" period, the equipment for plastic injection blow molding hollow containers in China was basically imported from abroad. Although it can be produced in a small amount in recent years, the accuracy and various performances of the equipment itself are inferior to those of foreign equipment

during the operation of the injection blow molding equipment, the bottle mouth is first injected to ensure the accuracy of the bottle mouth, and then the bottle body is blow molded, which can prevent the gas in the container from volatilizing and the external gas from penetrating into the bottle, and ensure the good close performance between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. The production of this kind of equipment should work hard to improve the precision and become a real precision injection blower. The so-called "precision injection blower" not only means that the equipment has good stability due to high speed and high pressure during the forming process, but also requires that the produced container sand achieve high stability in terms of size fluctuation and quality fluctuation, that is to say, the dimensions and geometric shapes of the produced container should be of high precision, and the appearance, internal quality, production efficiency and other indicators of the container can also reach a high level

this paper forecasts the development of injection blower in China at present and in the future:

1. hydraulic control system with high sensitivity, high reproducibility and stability

in the hydraulic system, in order to have the functions of energy conversion, transmission and control, the plunger screw of the precision injection blower is driven by the hydraulic motor, and the injection molding is controlled by the hydraulic system. The injection pressure, injection speed and plasticizing pressure are controlled and uniformly adjusted by the control valve installed in the hydraulic system

2. it has fine-tuning control performance, excellent and reliable operation and easy-to-use electronic control system

the adjustment of screw speed of injection and blowing machine depends on electronic instruments. Electricity only takes the lead in some models. The sub indicator is composed of sensors and displays. According to the different differences of single repeat step 3 (9) direction pulses, the screw speed value determined by the computer can be accurately displayed on the display

is it easy to realize? 3. it can carry out high-speed and high-pressure injection molding, and minimize the shrinkage of the container during blow molding

another feature of the precision injection blower is that the injection pressure is developing towards high pressure and ultra-high pressure. Its purpose is to reduce the shrinkage after blow molding and increase the density of the container. As the injection pressure is high and the injection speed is fast, compared with the ordinary injection and blowing machine, the clamping system has good rigidity and durability, has sufficient clamping force for injection and blowing, can resist the pressure of molten plastic injected at high pressure and high speed, and the mold deformation is minimal

4. with excellent plasticizing device, the plastic can be fully plasticized at uniform temperature and can be measured correctly

when the melt is injected into the multi-functional aerogel gel such as the mold blank, the plunger screw of the inner cylinder of the injection blower rotates to make the feeder transport the plastic particles loaded with juice to the front of the screw, and plasticize the material under the action of heat. When the molten material accumulated at the front end of the barrel is equivalent to the set injection amount, a certain thrust is generated on the screw, so that the screw can accurately measure the molten parts and appear on the display, ensuring the accuracy of the pre molding amount

5. design and manufacturing technology of precision injection parison film and blow mold

the design and manufacture of precision blank mold and blow mold is the prerequisite for obtaining precision containers. Therefore, the shrinkage of plastic raw materials and the factors affecting the container accuracy in the mold structure design should be taken into account in the design of the parison blow mold, so as to reduce these factors as much as possible. These factors generally include: the shrinkage rate of raw materials, the distribution of shrinkage rate, the position and size of injection molding blank and injection flow port, the distribution of blank mold temperature control pipe and blow mold cold water pipe, as well as the selection of mold materials

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