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The development momentum of the future packaging industry

using high technology to develop new materials for sustainable utilization is one of the future development trends of the packaging industry. As we all know, plastics produced with carbon compounds such as oil and coal as raw materials, as an important packaging material widely used in the packaging industry, have now faced the crisis of resource depletion. It is determined that the oil stored on the earth can only meet the needs of human use for nearly a century at most, and coal can only be used for hundreds of years. Looking for new alternative packaging materials has become a general trend and an irreversible historical trend. Therefore, it is urgent for the packaging industry to actively use high technology to develop new materials on the premise of saving and using the opened packaging materials. According to the development of science and technology, silicon nitride is extracted and manufactured from sand by using advanced chemical technology; Manufacturing glass fiber, boron fiber, ceramic fiber with advanced industrial technology and plant fiber, sensory fiber, music fiber, animal fiber and spider silk through biotechnology will become the main packaging materials in the future packaging industry because of their good packaging performance, no pollution to the environment, rich resources and renewable utilization

improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of packaging materials in combination with economic, social and environmental benefits is the second development trend of the packaging industry in the future. For a long time, our economic decision-making and construction planning for the packaging industry have lacked a unified analysis of the above three benefits, and we can not fully straighten out the causal relationship between "gain and loss", "more and less loss" and "only to lose" in the production of packaging materials, resulting in a large number of problems of single use and low utilization of packaging materials, Therefore, to explore the ways and means to solve these problems in order to improve the comprehensive benefits of the packaging industry has become an important feature of the future development of China's packaging industry in order to market the technology faster. From the perspective of the unity of three benefits, the production cost of packaging materials can be reduced through advanced production means; Strive to improve the artistic value and ornamental collection of packaging materials; Actively expand the field of multi-purpose packaging materials; Strengthening the recycling of packaging waste and measures will certainly become a major direction for the development of packaging industry in the future

developing diversified and composite packaging technology is the third trend of the future development of the packaging industry. In addition to simple repeated packaging with different materials and only a few applications such as aluminum-plastic composites, China's packaging industry still follows the mode of packaging goods with a single material. Although this packaging mode has the characteristics of simplicity, convenience and low cost, with the progress of social civilization and the improvement of human living standards, the defects and deficiencies of the single material packaging mode have become increasingly prominent. For example, because the problem of diversified composite fresh-keeping packaging technology has not been broken through, in order to meet the dietary needs of the particularly beloved wild edible mushroom of Tricholoma matsutake, Japan has to adopt the "chicken feather letter" method from neighboring countries every year to freeze and air transport the mushroom to Japan within a short precious time from picking to rotting, This shows that people are intolerant of the lack of diversified compound preservation technology. Such problems force the insiders to make every effort to develop new diversified composite packaging technology, which naturally becomes the technical direction that the packaging industry must overcome in the future. Recently, American scientists obtained enlightenment by observing fish gills, so they synthesized a substance similar to fish gill heme structure, and put it into a liner on the inner side of food packaging materials, thus significantly prolonging the fresh-keeping period of beer and canned food, which undoubtedly provides a useful reference for the research and development of beneficial factor packaging technology for the wide application of composite fresh-keeping bags in China's packaging industry in the future

attaching importance to the cultivation of talents in the packaging industry and the research on the problems of talents in the packaging industry is the fourth development trend of the packaging industry in the future. The number and quality of talents can not meet the needs of economic construction is a prominent contradiction in China's current packaging industry, and it is also an urgent "bottleneck" problem that seriously affects the future development of the packaging industry. The formation of the talent problem and the emergence of relevant contradictions are first caused by our unclear understanding or prejudice of the nature of the packaging work and the fundamental purpose and significance of the task; Secondly, the packaging industry has great blindness in the construction of its own disciplines and the requirements of personnel knowledge structure, which leads to many problems in the allocation, use and training of talents; Moreover, the professional structure of the packaging employees is unreasonable, that is, there is a relative surplus of general production technology, while there is a relative lack of comprehensive R & D and modern management ability. Therefore, we should allocate and cultivate a large number of people who have modern technical and economic minds and can take a large system view. 4 It is an urgent task for the packaging industry of this batch of joints to comply with the new technological revolution and the trend of social modernization, and it is also the key to the future development of the packaging industry

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