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Fire shutter door is an indispensable fire prevention facility in modern high-rise buildings. In addition to the role of ordinary doors, fire doors have special functions of fire prevention, smoke separation, fire suppression and personnel evacuation protection. They are widely used in high-rise buildings, large shopping malls and other crowded places

fireproof roller shutter is a fire prevention and heat insulation facility suitable for large openings in buildings. The product adopts the characteristics of hidden scrolls in design, and has a reasonable and compact structure. The surface of the fire-proof roller shutter can rise and fall through the transmission device and control system. It plays the role of fire prevention and fire isolation. The product has flat and beautiful appearance, novel shape and strong rigidity. The following editor will introduce the installation of fire shutter doors and the scope of use of fire shutter doors

installation of fireproof rolling shutter door

step 1: install the guide rail

1. Determine the installation position of the guide rail on both sides of the fireproof rolling shutter door, set out the guide rail reference line with the hammer line, and set out the cross line of the fixing bolt of the guide rail connector. The guide rail exceeds the ceiling by not less than 75cm

2. Use an impact drill to punch the expansion bolt holes for fixing the connectors on the wall column. The spacing of the connectors shall not be greater than 600 mm, and the two ends shall be 100 mm away from the guide rail opening. Fix several connectors up and down first, stick the guide rail, correct its verticality and spot weld, and then reset the verticality of the guide rail after the guide rail is fixed. The verticality of each meter shall not be greater than 5 mm, and the verticality of the whole length shall not exceed 20 mm. The depth of the composite curtain surface embedded in the guide rail (see gbl4102— 2005)

3. Install the rest of the connectors, and spot weld the connector and the guide rail. The spot weld point between each connector and a guide rail shall not be less than 5 points, and the width of the spot weld shall not be less than 5 mm. The welding place shall not be penetrated. When stainless steel guide rail is used, stainless steel welding rod shall be used

step 2: install the reel

1. According to the design center height of the reel in the detail drawing, determine the center position of the active support plate on the column or wall, and set out the central cross line of the expansion bolt

2. Take the center of the main support plate as the benchmark, and use the horizontal plastic pipe to find out the corresponding center of the driven support plate and the cross line of the driven expansion bolt hole

3. Drilling: when drilling expansion holes with percussion drill, the drill is required to be perpendicular to the cylinder surface. If individual screw holes touch the reinforcement and cannot be drilled, they can be moved appropriately, but they cannot affect the firmness and appearance

4. Install the straight support plate

(1) install the active support plate (the support of the driver is connected in advance and welded on the support plate), screw the expansion bolt passing through the hole of the support plate with nuts, spring washers and flat washers, and the surface of the support plate is required to be perpendicular to the reel

(2) install the driven bearing plate in the same direction as above, but before tightening the bolts, Sichuan horizontal pipe is required to check whether the center height of the driven bearing plate is consistent with the active bearing plate, and the levelness is controlled within 1/300 of the height of the hole. If there is any deviation, adjust it in time

(3) with the weight of the whole door, some bearing plates are fixed with expansion bolts, but they are not stable enough, so they should be supplemented with supports or reinforcing bars, and opposite through bolts should be used for fixing, welding and fixing the bearing plates on the brick wall on site

5. Install the fire-proof reel

(1) before installing the reel, first set the direction of the hanging plate and install it on the reel, then install 4-6 curtain plates on the hanging plate, roll them tightly on the reel, and tie them firmly with Sichuan iron wire

(2) when hoisting reels, attention must be paid to safety, and special personnel shall be assigned to command, herringbone ladders, scaffolds and chain blocks shall be inspected. During installation, first insert the optical shaft with the bearing and seat into the end hole of the reel, align the position, and then tighten the bearing fixing bolts

(3) after the reel is installed, the drum can be moved left and right to adjust the position. At the same time, check the level of the reel with a level ruler and a horizontal tube. After adjustment, the optical axis and the reel are fixed by full welding, and the optical axis and the bearing are fixed by head screws

(4) during the hoisting of the reel, pay special attention not to damage the curtain rolled on the reel, and pad the wood when binding with steel wire rope

step 3: when installing the auxiliary shaft in special occasions, it is necessary to install the auxiliary shaft

1. Determine the central height position of the auxiliary shaft at one end of the door column, and set out the cross line of the connecting bolt hole of the bearing plate. Based on this, the rigid horizontal tube finds out the central position of the auxiliary shaft at the other end of the door column, and set out the cross line of the screw hole of the bearing plate

2. Drill the expansion bolt hole with an impact drill, and the requirements for the upper expansion bolt are the same as before

3. Check the levelness of the upper bearing seat and auxiliary shaft at the same time, and the operation is the same as that of the reel. Step 4: install the fire shutter motor, put the chain on the sprocket on the bracket first, put the chain on the small sprocket before fixing the drive base, and then tighten the fixing bolt. At this time, shaking the chain can make the reel rotate

step 4: curtain plate installation

1. Loosen several curtain plates on the rolling curtain first, and check that the unevenness of the rolling curtain is not greater than 1/300 of the hole height with a horizontal tube and ruler. If the inclination is out of tolerance, find out the reason and adjust it

2. Use the roller to rotate, put on the curtain plate, and finally install the bottom beam of the curtain plate. Pay attention to the head when putting on the curtain board. In addition, if the other curtain boards are put together in advance, pay special attention to the movement, and do not deform the curtain board when binding

3. Check whether the circular arc of the upper opening of the guide rail is appropriate, then put down the roller shutter and walk around to observe whether there is a jam

step 5: Design of installing the supporting roller frame

when the supporting roller needs to be installed in the design of installing the supporting roller frame, first determine the position of the support on the wall columns on both sides of the door, and the method is the same as that of the scroll. After installing the bracket, install the supporting wheel. The center height and levelness of each supporting wheel should be unified, and then fix it

step 6: install the electric control box, lock box, etc.

1. Place the lock box and the cross line of the screw hole of the electric control box according to the requirements, and drill holes with an impact drill. Lock box and electric control box shall be installed horizontally and vertically, and fixed with M6 or M8 bolts, which shall be firm

2. Install the wire pipe connection lock box and electric control box, and screw the dumpling wire at both ends of the wire pipe with special nuts. If the demander needs it, copper joints can be used for connection, and the spacing between the wire pipe clamps is generally not more than 100cm

3. Control panel and limiter of the charger

4. Connect the connecting wire, switching wire, power wire, signal wire, etc. according to the wiring standard “ Regulations for electrical installations of low voltage users ” For operation, the two wires in the metal hose are wrapped with plastic tubes or (yellow wax tubes), and the grounding wire is a two-color wire. Pay special attention to the firmness of the grounding wire

5. Turn on the power supply, manually lower the roller shutter, press the one-third button to roll the shutter plate, adjust the upper and lower limits, and then operate the roller shutter to walk up and down several times to check whether the roller shutter operates smoothly

step 7: install the fire partition wall

1. Place the position line of the fire partition wall. Without affecting the rolling shutter, the fire partition wall should be as close to the roller and guide rail as possible

2. According to the setting out, use an impact drill to fix it on the side of the wall with expansion bolts on the top

3. Install the fireproof board into the angle steel frame and fix it by electric welding. The installation of the fireproof partition wall shall be straight and firm

scope of use of fire shutter doors

mainly used in large supermarkets (hypermarkets), large shopping malls, large professional material markets, large exhibition halls, workshops, warehouses and other public places with fire protection requirements. When a fire alarm occurs, the fire shutter door is automatically lowered (downward) according to the preset procedure under the control of the central fire control system, so as to prevent the spread of the flame to other areas and buy valuable time for the implementation of fire fighting

under normal circumstances, large buildings are equipped with a central fire control system according to the provisions of the national fire protection law. When a fire occurs, the smoke sensor installed on the roof (hereinafter referred to as smoke sensor) first receives the smoke signal and alarms the central control system at the same time. After identification, the central fire control system connects the power supply of the fire shutter door in the fire area, so that the fire shutter in the fire area can go down at a certain speed. When the roller shutter descends to a position about 1.5 meters from the ground, stop descending to facilitate the evacuation and evacuation of personnel. After the fire shutter door stays in the middle for a certain time, it continues to go down until it is closed. The downward speed and intermediate residence time of the fire shutter door can be adjusted during installation

in some cases, the building is not equipped with a central fire control system, and the fire rolling shutter door only realizes the fire prevention specified operation procedure of the fire rolling shutter door with the help of the fire control electrical box of the fire rolling shutter door. In this case, when a fire alarm occurs, the fire alarm signal received by the smoke sensor is directly transmitted to the fire control electrical box of the fire shutter door

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the installation of fire shutter door and the scope of use of fire shutter door. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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