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Top ten plate brands with good quality are ranked among the first-line plate brands

with the growing maturity of China's plate market and the improvement of policies, regulations and industry standards, the plate industry has entered a new era of development. Famous enterprises are emerging in the plate industry, with increasingly significant brand benefits and increasingly fierce brand competition. So, which brand is stronger? What are the first-line plate brands in China

the quality of plates is an important measure of decoration quality. The quality of plates in the market is uneven, and inexperienced people often have nowhere to start. Generally speaking, purchasing products of well-known plate brands can give consumers more confidence. Today, let's talk about the plate brand with good quality in the plate industry, which is also a first-line brand in China's plate industry

1. Craftsman of fine wood

the brand of "craftsman of fine wood" under Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a leader in the plate industry. The products have rich varieties, diverse styles and high cost performance. The craftsman of fine materials took the lead in launching the "aldehyde purification antibacterial ecological board" in the industry, setting off a storm of formaldehyde purification in the home decoration industry, which is deeply loved by the majority of consumers

2. Bunny

Dehua Bunny decorative new materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. After 20 years of unremitting efforts and innovative development, the company has developed from a single decorative veneer production-oriented enterprise to an influential comprehensive service provider of interior decorative materials in China. Its product sales network covers all parts of the country and is sold to the Americas, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other parts of the world

3. Moganshan

this is a brand established in 1995. Since its establishment, after years of efforts and development, this brand has a relatively high reputation and popularity, especially in the plate industry. It is a very good brand, and it is also one of the top ten plate brands in the domestic market

Founded in 1996, Guangzhou Weizheng Wood Products Co., Ltd. is a large wood products enterprise specializing in the production of "Weiye brand" formaldehyde resistant environmental protection decorative plates. The company has been committed to improving the human living environment, creating the original ecological and environmental protection home, establishing industry standards, and has achieved brilliant results

5. Dawangye

dawangye belongs to Hangzhou dawangye Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the development, manufacture, sales and service of home building materials. It has established many raw material procurement bases in Asia, has more than 500 franchised stores, and has gained a high reputation among the people

6. Baidibao

China baidibao group Wood Industry Co., Ltd./Putian Huangpu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a wood-based panel enterprise integrating production and sales. The main products are: blockboard, multilayer board, ecological board, plywood, particleboard, integrated board, rabbit paint board, and today's technology wood and other products. In terms of production technology and management, the company conducted production guidance in strict accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 quality, environment dual system certification and FSC forest certification


Shandong Qianshan Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded on June 6, 1998 and is located in Linyi City, the famous plate production base. The company covers an area of more than 100 mu and has more than 1000 employees. Over the past few years, under the leadership of the general manager, all employees have gathered their efforts, worked hard and started businesses, and the enterprise has developed rapidly

Millennium boat group, the promoter of healthy home building materials in China, Millennium boat new material sales Co., Ltd. specializes in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of home environmental protection building materials such as blockboard, multilayer board, decorative veneer, flame retardant board, floor, wooden door, etc

9. Hong Kong Huanyu

Hong Kong Huanyu Group was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. The company has developed very rapidly. After more than ten years of continuous exploration and development, it has expanded into a diversified group enterprise in the fields of decorative materials, smart home, furniture manufacturing, e-commerce, environmental protection industry and so on. The group has subsidiaries such as Hunan Huanyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Huaihua Honghua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

10. Nobby forest

"wood" is the only aerobic material in the whole house, and it is the most pleasant home. Huasheng Group | nobi forest is an advocate of all wood life. The core team has focused on the wood industry for 30 years, providing formaldehyde free wardrobe board products and high-end wood floor/wall products for home consumers. Nobby forest insists on using corporate culture to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises can establish a good social image in the development. With a group of people working together to do one thing, nobby forest will continue to "win-win with wood"

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