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The house I miss, the home I miss! Who cares about the house I miss, the house I miss, the home in my dream

as for Chinese people, house is home and home. A house that can be called "home" needs not only that certificate or area, but also the bits and pieces of life inside and every true day

the house must be comfortable. A house that understands life must be pleasantly moved by countless details

the "quiet night" of the new Chinese style, every place meets the details of humanization, and every place is an interpretation of the needs of life! Practical, comfortable, green and environmentally friendly, is a warm home

the subtlety of the new Chinese style

porch lies in the classification and storage of a variety of items, and the storage responsibility is heavier than the mountain. The appearance is dignified and elegant, but there is no mystery inside. You can put more than 30 pairs of shoes, umbrella rack, shoe polish and shoe brush storage rack, space for fragmentary items, decorations, bags, coats

the utility of the sidebar (wine cabinet) is to create an atmosphere, open a bottle of red wine at will, and share a warm and romantic dinner time with your beloved family; Open the folding table, a cup of tea, a book, is a solo reading; Or I prefer to taste red wine and treasure it

the full score of the details of the living room and the shocking storage volume of the TV background wall make the mountains of sundries in the living room disappear

every detail of the wardrobe in the master bedroom should be made according to the needs of the hostess. The hostess's jewelry, clothes, cosmetics and so on are all large-scale storage. When encountering a hostess who likes to buy! She will never miss this house. In the wardrobe, there are long clothes area, short clothes area, password box, pull basket... Everything, complete storage

another important space of the family is the second bedroom of the house. The "quiet night" gives it 72 changes, multi-function room + study + guest room + rest room + elderly room + children's room + tea room + office +n! These required spatial patterns can be realized in a small house with more than ten square meters

the most unpleasant thing about the kitchen is the confusion caused by chaos. The assembly line space design allows washing, cutting and frying to be completed like an assembly line. The kitchen cabinet items are placed by category, and the pots and pans, rice, oil and salt are in their respective positions and perform their respective duties

the self charm of the wooden door highlights the grade of family decoration and undertakes the important task of protecting privacy and safety. In order to achieve practical beauty, we need to start with details

from appearance finish to elegant modeling to supporting hardware, steady walnut color is dominant, with clear texture and real touch; Retro simple shape, a millennium at a glance; Standard hardware, quiet and reassuring

"quiet night", the casual place is the presentation of details. A perfect and warm home needs the meticulous care of "quiet night"




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