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Imported high-end furniture_ Qingdao_ Modern living room sofa [Italian home]

sofa is a necessary furniture in the home and a sharp tool for decorating the living room, which can determine the beauty of the whole home environment to a certain extent. In terms of shape, sofa can be divided into single sofa, double sofa, long sofa and round sofa. Italian home imported the sofa from Europe with original packaging, using superior wood and cushion fabrics, based on high-end craftsmanship, and using highly talented craftsmanship from the beginning to the completion. Each process is strictly monitored to create the most comfortable and beautiful sofa for the home

in 1203, tower a, China Railway Qingdao center, No. 8, Hong Kong Middle Road, Shinan District, Qingdao, Italy home has set up an offline home experience Pavilion, which is convenient for Qingdao people to buy authentic European imported high-end furniture products. Its brands are diverse, and it has established cooperation with more than 4000 European home building materials brands. You can choose your favorite brand furniture here

moooi living room modern sofa combination

moooi product series has a unique and bold style, lively and delicate, and firmly believes that design is a love. The eternal beauty of the product has unique classical characteristics, and integrates the modern sense of fashion. This integration makes the brand focus on the production and manufacturing of star products

cassina living room fabric combined sofa

cassina, as the world's top furniture brand, has a long history. As early as the 17th century, Cassina began to make church wood furniture. Its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to details made it win people's respect at that time. Even today, people can still find Cassina's products in the beautiful church by Lake Como

smania living room bedroom sofa

Italian brand furniture smania was founded in 1967. Alberto and Fabrizio smania are its founders. Over the years, they are famous for designing and producing personalized furniture and interior decorations. They dare to challenge daily life and pay attention to every detail

caligaris Italian modern living room fabric three person sofa

caligaris is one of the most famous furniture brands in Italy. Founded in 1923, it is headquartered in Manzano, udinan County in northern Italy. This place has always been famous for its rich dining tables and chairs, and its output and quality are among the best in the world. The reliability, flexibility and acceptability of Calligaris' products make the company full of vitality

green Apple Portugal modern living room fabric combined sofa

home style

green Apple constantly creates elegant and exquisite works according to the best quality and functional standards. Green apple constantly pursues innovation and designs and manufactures products with unique styles

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