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Silicon labs launched ambient light sensors for human-machine interface applications

silicon laboratories (core laboratories Co., Ltd., nasdaq: slab), a leading manufacturer of high-performance analog and mixed signal IC, today announced the launch of a new generation of infrared (IR) and ambient light sensors for human-machine interface (HI) applications. Si114x series products, the latest member of silicon labs quicksense hi product portfolio, are proximity sensors with the highest sensitivity, energy efficiency and the longest sensing distance in the industry. With an extremely small 2mm package, si114x sensor can be used in, e-readers, Shangben, tablets to improve the quality of your products. Computers and personal media also need a solution that uses polymer thrust washers to replace metal needle roller bearings. Body players, toys, office equipment, industrial control, security systems, sales terminals and many other devices realize advanced proximity sensing and non-contact interfaces

the detection distance and sensitivity of the proximity sensor are determined by the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the system; The higher the SNR, the farther the distance. SNR company, which has a variety of variable factors affecting the system, implements ISO9001, iatf16949 and other quality management systems, including environmental noise/light compensation, photodiode sensitivity, filtering and analog-to-digital converter (ADC) architecture. Although competitors' solutions may overcome one or two of these factors, the si114x architecture in the patent application overcomes all these variables, thereby minimizing noise and maximizing performance. The joint architecture optimization of si114x series products has achieved a very high system SNR, so that the si114x proximity sensor has the longest sensing distance, the highest sensitivity and the fastest data acquisition speed in the industry

With its industry-leading sensitivity, si114x series products enable developers to flexibly place infrared sensors behind translucent product covers. The complete IR sensing architecture can also work in sunlight. It includes an ambient light sensor, which can sense illumination up to 128kilolux. In addition, the advanced architecture of si114x series products can complete proximity sensing measurement within 25 seconds, reducing the startup time of extremely power consuming infrared light-emitting diodes, thus realizing the lowest system power consumption in the industry, which is 20 times lower than other solutions

si114x series products include up to three optional infrared LED lamp drivers. Developers can freely realize a one-dimensional hi system with a detection distance of more than 50cm or a multi-dimensional system with gesture sensing ability with a detection distance of up to 15cm. Si1142 and si1143 devices have two and three infrared LED drivers respectively, which can realize advanced motion and gesture sensing. Through two integrated LED drivers, si1142 supports Z-axis and X-axis motion sensing for non-contact slider interface. Si1143 supports three LED drivers, which can realize innovative three-dimensional motion sensing in multi-dimensional non-contact control

combined with the intelligent control provided by silicon labs capacitive touch sensitive microcontrollers (such as F700, F800 or f99x MCU), si114x sensor can be used for a variety of motion and gesture detection, as well as target object distance calibration applications. The sensing mode of si114x device provides useful information to MCU to determine the type of background light, such as sunlight, fluorescent light or incandescent light. This information is very useful in many applications, such as improving IR proximity sensing, optimizing infrared sensing power consumption, enhancing the background brightness adjustment function of display devices, and controlling other devices in the system

the new si114x series products are the most advanced single-chip proximity sensing solutions, providing unparalleled sensitivity, sensing distance and efficiency in a very small package. Mark Thompson, vice president and general manager of silicon labs embedded mixed signal product line, said that as the only semiconductor supplier that can provide proximity sensors and touch sensitive MCU at the same time, we have provided developers with a single source solution, simplifying the design of a new generation of human-machine interface

quicksense studio and development board support

like all other quicksense product members, quicksense studio also supports si114x series products. Quicksense studio is an intuitive and easy-to-use software design environment that helps developers write, debug, and analyze proximity, ambient light, and capacitive touch sensing applications. Quicksense studio simplifies the configuration of infrared proximity and ambient light sensors through API function libraries. The graphical operating environment provides the ability to generate C language code for proximity and motion detection, gesture detection and background light recognition

complete evaluation and development kit, including the non-contact slider evaluation board irslider2ek based on si1142 and the si1140dk development kit for si1143 3-LED evaluation

silicon labs provides a power consumption evaluation tool for optical sensors, which can help developers evaluate power consumption in proximity and ambient light sensing applications

price and supply

si114x proximity sensor is now available in a tiny, transparent 220.75mm 10 pin QFN package. The price of 10000 chips ranges from $1.22 for a single led to $1.98 for multiple LEDs. In addition, the unit price of irslider2ek Evaluation Kit is $49.99, and the unit price of si1140dk development kit is $59.99. For more information or sample application, please visit the website:

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