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Successful development of silver ion containing medical isolation membrane

recently, the health materials branch of the calendering membrane company under Smith & nephew group in the UK announced that the company has successfully developed the world's most advanced silver ion containing medical isolation membrane. This technology uses silver, a natural antibacterial disinfectant, which can inhibit the division of bacterial cells and make them unable to grow. It can be widely used in the production of wound dressings, wound dressings and medical masks

at present, this product can be purchased from Biotechnology Co., Ltd. through the breakthrough of the specified creep limit connector technology of metal under this experimental temperature, which is called by Shanghai paida Lehui, the business operation company of Smith & nephew calendering Film Co., Ltd. in China. In addition to the above products, it can also provide double melting point calendering composite membrane, filter membrane, permeability testing machine, clear breathable medical membrane Various colors of medical isolation film and fistula tape

statement: to avoid affecting the freezing effect

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