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The "Silk Road Economic Belt" has given birth to photovoltaic opportunities in the West

in recent days, the state has successively issued national policies to promote the rapid development of the West. The national development and Reform Commission announced on the 10th that it would spare no efforts to promote the western development and continue to deepen. Dalian Rongke will vigorously develop the production line of 300MW full vanadium liquid flow battery system with annual output, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the energy and mineral resources, divide AK by the cross-sectional area at the sample gap, f resources and the deep processing capacity of characteristic agricultural and livestock products, implement the innovation driven strategy, and promote the implementation of the action plan of science and technology to promote the transformation and development of the West

with the encouragement of many national policies, it can be predicted that a large amount of funds will be invested in the west, and the economic development of Western China will usher in another take-off in 2014

in fact, as a characteristic and advantageous resource in the west, solar energy resources have also received a lot of "attention" in these national policies. These supporting policies are not only the convenience of the development of the west, but also the opportunity for many solar energy enterprises in China. If any enterprise can seize this opportunity, it can take the lead in the already good environment of solar power generation in 2014 and obtain the space for rapid development. As the leader of thin film photovoltaic industry, hanergy deserves special attention

China's solar energy industry started late, but adhering to continuous independent innovation and global technology integration, hanergy's thin-film photovoltaic technology has reached the international leading level, in which the mass production conversion rate of copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) modules has reached 15.7%, and the highest R & D conversion rate has reached 19.6%. Recently, the results of MIT's MIT Technology Review, the world's most influential technology business award, "China has become the world's first largest auto manufacturing and sales country's most innovative enterprise", were announced. Hanergy holding group was ranked 23rd on the list. With its world's leading thin-film photovoltaic technology and unique innovative ideas, Become the only listed enterprise in the domestic energy field

the lighting conditions in the West are the best. Tibet and Xinjiang are located in the primary and secondary radiation areas. For the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power stations, the advantages are very obvious. It can be said that the development of new energy in the West has the comprehensive advantages of natural resources and the government's investment in the normal operation of many electrical equipment. As far as Xinjiang is concerned, in 2013, clean energy in Xinjiang showed a "blowout" trend. The development and utilization area of the nine gale areas is 150000 square kilometers, and the installed capacity is more than 80million kW, accounting for about 40% of the country; The annual average sunshine hours rank second in China. Large Gobi and desert areas are very suitable for the construction of large-scale photovoltaic power stations. At present, Xinjiang is striving to build China's "green energy base"

it can be said that with the encouragement of national policies, the opportunities in the West are unlimited, but not all enterprises can succeed. This is not only a choice opportunity for enterprises to develop in the west, but also a choice opportunity for partners in the western region and surrounding countries. With the support of national policies, the West has the strength and capital to be sold. Who can finally gain trust and seize opportunities requires enterprises to show their greatest strength and potential. The year 2014 will be a year of vigorous development in Western China, and it will also be a year of rapid development of China's solar power industry. The new West provides infinite space for the development of new energy, and the rapid development of new energy will also become a powerful driving force to promote the western development. Zhonghua glass () Department

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