The hottest silver ten is coming to an end, and th

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Silver ten is about to end, and the titanium dioxide market is back to the doldrums.

silver ten is about to end. Looking back at the trend of titanium dioxide this month, it is not difficult to see that there have been some changes in the titanium dioxide market this October. From the optimistic market at the beginning of the month to the flat market at the end of the month, titanium dioxide has gone through a small twists and turns

the silver ten is coming to an end, and the titanium dioxide market is back to the doldrums.

at the beginning of October, the market consumption rose and the market improved.

at the beginning of October, some manufacturers in East China, central China, South China and other places rose one after another, and the business status of enterprises began to improve. Taking the rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid method with a large amount of goods in the domestic market as an example, the ex factory price of titanium dioxide with tax is 14590 yuan, up 0.67% from the beginning of September. It is reported that with a 160000 ton/annuity rutile titanium dioxide production line, the current production and marketing situation of Bailian is good, and the number of vehicles to the company's warehouse to pull goods before the festival has increased significantly; The sales volume of rutile titanium dioxide of Jinpu titanium industry in August was also 20% higher than that in July. For the first time since the beginning of this year, the market has seen a large-scale improvement

in mid October, titanium dioxide transactions are generally stable. The domestic titanium concentrate market continues to be stable, the market transaction performance is acceptable, and the business mentality is relatively good. Panzhihua machinery manufacturing requires a clear understanding of the materials first. The tax free transaction price of 46% titanium concentrate in the western region is more than 900 yuan/ton; The lowest quotation of 50% titanium concentrate in Guangdong, excluding tax, is 1050 yuan/ton; The transaction price of Vietnam's imported a mine excluding tax is concentrated between yuan/ton

the quotation of titanium dioxide merchants has not been increased. Small and medium-sized enterprises in large developed countries are mainly engaged in the research and development of new products and new technologies. The price increase of manufacturers has promoted the market R1 - the ring pressure strength of outer paper (n/0.152m); The effect is limited. At present, the business mentality is relatively calm and the wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. The mainstream transaction price of rutile type is still concentrated in yuan/ton, and that of anatase type is between yuan/ton

at the end of October, the quotation of titanium dioxide merchants was stable and the increase was lack of motivation

the titanium ore market was relatively active, and some merchants were still willing to increase; The sponge titanium market is slightly down, and the transaction market performance is low, so merchants mostly choose to wait and see; The quotation of titanium dioxide merchants is stable, but the downstream demand is insufficient, and the price increase lacks momentum. It is expected that the market will continue to be stable in the short term

there is no real channel for the titanium dioxide market to rise, and the market is always hovering. With the decrease of temperature, the paint market will enter the off-season, which will have more negative effects on the market

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