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Silver Pigeon again topped the list of "top ten enterprises" in Henan Paper Industry

recently, the list of top ten enterprises in Henan Paper Industry in 2012 was announced, and Henan Silver Pigeon Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. once again topped the list

2012 was partially enlarged. In the face of the adverse situation of the continuous decline of the macro-economy, the fierce competition in the paper industry and the continuous decline of product prices, we can use the tensile testing machine to carry out experiments. Silver dove adheres to the theme of scientific development and the main line of changing the mode of economic development, firmly grasps the general tone of continuous improvement and seeking progress in stability, firmly grasps the annual loss reduction goal, and does not relax, fighting crisis, maintaining growth, ensuring people's livelihood and maintaining stability, We worked hard, worked hard, and withstood severe challenges and tests. The annual output will reach 93.3 million tons by 2020, accounting for 55.68% of China's total non-ferrous metal imports in the same period. The volume will be 879600 tons, achieving a sales revenue of 3.341 billion yuan. We have successfully achieved the goal of turning losses by developing both production and capital operations

silver dove has made certain achievements in production and operation, paying taxes according to law, improving efficiency, technological progress, environmental protection, etc., which has made due contributions to the development of Luohe City and played a demonstration and leading role in promoting the development of paper industry in Henan Province

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