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SIMATIC PCS 7 user-defined function library development training was successfully held in Shanghai Baoxin

at the invitation of the Automation Department of Shanghai Baoxin Software Co., Ltd., the Siemens industrial automation process automation department and the customer support department cooperated to hold the user-defined function library development training based on SIMATIC PCS 7 v7.0 in Shanghai Baoxin Software Co., Ltd. on January 12, 2010. The whole training lasted for 4 days. Baoxin software company attached great importance to this training. 8. After each experiment of the wire change experimental machine, it sent 8 senior PCS 7 engineers from the automation department to participate

the training content mainly involves the basic information and characteristics of PCS 7 function library, the development of PCS 7 function block based on SCL language, the production of PCS 7 function block icon block icon, the production of PCS 7 function block panel faceplate, as well as the production and release of function block help files and the update of function library. During the training, there were not only practical function demonstrations, but also a series of exercises, so that customers can fully learn and master the whole process of PCS 7 through the development of microcomputer collection system function library through exercises, which laid a solid foundation for the follow-up development project of track raw materials, locomotive chemicals and cable raw materials PCS 7 industry Library of Baoxin

pcs 7 system has always advocated software openness based on fully integrated automation (TIA), and its user-defined function library development function allows users to quickly develop their own industry library according to the characteristics of their respective industries and knowledge and experience. The openness of PCS 7 platform was fully demonstrated through this training, and users also gave a very high evaluation of the openness and flexibility of PCS 7 system during the training

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