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Yinguang magnesium industry has developed color micro arc oxidation technology for magnesium alloys

recently, the author learned from Shanxi Yinguang magnesium industry that the technical team of the enterprise's surface treatment center has successfully developed micro arc oxidation production technology in five colors: black, white, blue, green and pink

also received a high praise from the majority of users.

magnesium alloy micro arc oxidation technology, with its high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance and high wear resistance, we have excellent performance from this super large printing machine tool, and the demand in 3C, electric power and military industry is increasingly solved: higher and higher, the market prospect is broad, but at present, micro arc oxidation in the market makes OC quality g mainly white, which restricts the development of micro arc oxidation technology. The successful research and development of magnesium alloy color micro arc oxidation technology fills the shortage of traditional magnesium alloy micro arc oxidation with a single color, provides rich color choices for magnesium alloy materials, and will further expand the market application prospect of magnesium alloy materials

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