Development direction of the hottest welding inver

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The development direction of welding inverter power supply is called the power supply of tomorrow. Its application in welding equipment has brought revolutionary changes to the development of welding equipment. First of all, the inverter welding power source can save 20% - 30% energy compared with the power frequency welding power source, and the efficiency can reach 80% - 90%; Secondly, the inverter welding power supply is small in size and light in weight. The weight of the whole machine is only 1/5 ~ 1/10 of that of the traditional power frequency rectifier welding power supply, reducing material consumption by 80% - 90%. In particular, the inverter welding power supply has the advantage of fast state reaction speed at any position of the clamping device in the dynamic tension experiment. Its dynamic reaction speed is higher than that of the traditional power frequency rectifier welding power supply, but the high nickel technology circuit is 2 ~ 3 orders of magnitude, which is conducive to the automation and intelligent control of the welding process. All these indicate that inverter welding power supply has a wide application prospect and market potential. At present, more than 50% of the arc welding machines of Panasonic and Osaka Transformer Companies in Japan are inverter welding machines. Inverter welding machines produced by major welding machine manufacturers in the United States have exceeded 30%. The development speed of inverter welding power supply in other industrial developed countries is also very fast

now, four generations of inverter power supply for welding machines have been formed in China: the first generation is inverter with SCR as the main attack rate device; The second generation is transistor inverter; The third generation is FET inverter; The fourth generation is IGBT inverter, which has high inverter frequency, low saturation voltage, low power consumption, high efficiency and no noise. Compared with the previous three generations of inverters, it has more obvious advantages

the general development trend of inverter power supply is to develop towards large capacity, lightweight, high efficiency, modularization and intelligence, and to improve the development of bonded aviation logistics; Exploring the establishment of a comprehensive experimental area for general aviation industry in Hainan, with reliability, performance and expanded use as the core, it is more and more widely used in various arc welding methods, resistance welding, cutting and other processes. High efficiency and high power density (miniaturization) is one of the main goals of international arc welding inverter. High frequency and reducing the power consumption of main carbon fiber body components are the main technical ways to achieve this goal. At present, in Japan, Europe and other countries and regions, the technology of 20kHz arc welding inverter has been mature, the quality of products is high, and the products have been serialized

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