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Silk screen printing technology leads the scale of modern clothing

the so-called silk screen printing is to engrave a silk screen plate and then print it, which is very simple PE emboss refers to carving a copper mold first. If the pattern is a color, pour the rubber material in and then come out. If it is multi-color, it will be a little troublesome.

there are four kinds of printing, plane printing, convex printing, concave printing and silk printing

among these four types, the most common type of plane printing is printing paper

convex printing and concave printing are simple, and seals are the two

silk printing covers the widest range, and it can print most of the substrate of the three before printing, which is also the most common. Although you don't know it very well, you can look at the surrounding things, such as the letters on the keyboard, the words on the monitor, the patterns on the T-shirt, the graphics and texts on the container, etc., which are all printed with silk printing

silk printing is to make holes through silk printing to leave ink on the substrate. Compared with convex, flat and concave printing, it has more extensive printing and more advantages. More and more inks and printing materials are used

silk printing is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate. It can be printed on molded objects and concave and convex surfaces with different shapes. The layout is soft and elastic, which is a kind of printing with the least printing pressure

silk printing method has thick ink and strong adhesion. The printing thickness can reach m, the covering power of the ink is particularly strong, and the three-dimensional sense of the printed image and text is strong, which is unmatched by other printing methods (the thickness of the ink layer can also be controlled). Applicable to various types of inks: it has strong adaptability and can be used for printing with any kind of coating, such as oily, water-based, synthetic resin, powder and other inks. As long as the ink and paint that can pass through the hole fineness of the wire can be used. It can be printed in monochrome, or it can be overprinted and printed in color before it is re launched

it has strong light resistance: it can put light resistance pigments and fluorescent pigments into the ink through a simple method, so that the graphics and texts of the printed matter can remain shiny forever, not affected by temperature and sunlight, and even glow at night

plate making is convenient, the price is cheap, the printing methods are flexible and diverse, and the technology is easy to master

silk printing is widely used in the electronic industry in the film switch

silk printing process: the original base plate, silk plate, plate printing, development, drying, printing, and finished product inspection printing

offset printing is a kind of lithography. Very simply speaking, offset printing is a printing method that uses rubber (blanket) to transfer the key strategic materials on the printing plate to the substrate, which is the existence of blanket, This printing method gets its name. Blanket plays an irreplaceable role in printing, such as: it can make up for the uneven surface of the substrate, make the ink transfer fully, and it can reduce the transmission of water on the printing plate (see the role of water in printing later) to the substrate, etc. The above is only a general concept. The offset printing we usually say now may have a narrower scope, that is, the lithographic printing method with three rollers (printing plate, blanket, embossing). In the south of China, this printing method is called offset printing

the three principles of offset printing are: first, the principle of water oil incompatibility. The so-called similarity compatibility principle in chemistry determines that the molecular polarity between water molecules with mild polarity is different from that between non-polar oil molecules, resulting in the inability of water and oil to attract and dissolve. The existence of this rule makes it possible to use water in flat printing plates to distinguish between pictures and blank parts. 2、 According to the principle of surface selective adsorption, the substances it can adsorb are different according to the different surface tension, which also provides the possibility of image and text separation in offset lithography. 3、 According to the principle of point image construction, since the offset printing plate is flat, it is impossible to rely on the thickness of the ink to express the levels of graphics and text on the printed matter, but by dividing the different levels into very small ones, the following functions are invisible to the naked eye: point units can effectively express rich image levels

offset printing is an absolutely dominant printing method in China. Due to its advantages of fast printing speed, relatively stable printing quality and short printing cycle, books, newspapers and a considerable part of commercial printing are using offset printing. When it comes to printing, people immediately think of offset printing. Foreign brands such as Heidelberg, Roland, Mitsubishi and Komori are also familiar to ordinary people

silk printing is actually missing printing. Simple silk printing is to stretch a piece of silk (very honey) on a frame, then apply photosensitive glue, then output the pictures and texts that need to be printed with sulfuric acid paper laser, put them under the silk and print them with an exposure lamp (for a few minutes), and finally soak them with water. The parts that need to be printed have no photosensitive glue, while other parts that do not need to be printed still have photosensitive glue, that is, ink leakage and no ink leakage, After drying, you can start printing. This method is manual printing. If you master it, you can print some simple things, such as umbrellas, T-Shirts, finished calendars and words. Because this electromechanical has a good reputation and quality in testing equipment, such as cylindrical containers, flat metal, etc., if you don't have silk screen printing, you can develop the market. The cost of a silk screen printing plate is only a few yuan (because it can be reused), and the printing price can be determined according to the market. Generally, printing a thing is several Jiao or several yuan, which depends on the price of the printed matter

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