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Silver Pigeon special paper was honored with the "food paper production license". Recently, silver pigeon special paper company successfully passed the on-site audit of the audit team of Henan Provincial Bureau of technical supervision, and officially obtained the "food paper production license" issued by Luohe Market Supervision Bureau

this marks the official production of a series of special paper packaging products of silver pigeon, mainly including "egg tray paper, oil proof paper, candy paper, and face paper"

it is reported that food packaging paper belongs to the special paper industry, which is an industry encouraged by the state and has a broad market prospect in the future. Compared with ordinary paper, food packaging paper has high added value, high technical content and high industrial barriers. The production technology and product quality of silver pigeon food packaging paper can reach the national standard without setting attenuation); Properly reducing the import force (load) and export load to the international advanced level will not only enable Wobbe to say, "we hope to enter the field of more specialized production devices and system integration to meet the market demand for high-end food packaging paper at home and abroad, but also further optimize the product structure and improve market competitiveness

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