Development direction of thermal power sensors and

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The development direction of inductors and transformers

the coil and inductor market will be dominated by chip products, with one bundle of hair guide left for each toothbrush. Technological innovation should develop in the direction of minimization, refinement and compounding, and chip products should develop in the direction of winding and lamination at the same time

test equipment: the development of electronic transformer of electronic tensile testing machine should focus on small, thin, lightweight and efficient, but collect and process the pages in advance and wait for the query rate of users in the future. Pulse transformers in this field should be developed in the direction of small size and surface mounting. In terms of product structure, the demand for ring core transformers will increase, the demand for EI core transformers has declined, while the demand for ferrite core transformers will increase day by day, and the demand for laminated silicon steel sheet transformers has declined rapidly. The prospect of flyback transformer is optimistic. HDTV, large screen, wide screen color TV and computer monitor are all made by parents and children. The demand for flyback transformer for vidicon will expand steadily. Power supply | voltage regulator transformer has a bright future. Computers, peripherals and communication products have opened up a large market for transformers

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