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The development history of daily chemical hose packaging

since the 1970s, great changes have taken place in the packaging of daily chemical products. The traditional metal and glass containers have been gradually replaced by lightweight plastic packaging, and the plastic bottle body is getting thinner and thinner, and the material is getting lighter and lighter. With the continuous emergence of energy, environmental protection, garbage disposal and other issues, since the 1990s, lightweight materials, exquisite printing, personalized design and advocating the concept of environmental protection have become the new trend of modern packaging. The emergence of flexible packaging as supplementary packaging is the biggest impact on the traditional daily chemical packaging. However, compared with traditional daily chemical packaging containers, flexible packaging has several problems that are difficult to solve:

1) it can only be used once and cannot be sealed repeatedly

2) unable to provide various functional seals

3) relatively simple appearance. These problems have limited the development of flexible packaging, so that it has only been used as a supplement to bottled or a packaging of small capacity disposable products

can you combine the advantages of bottles with the lightness and environmental protection of flexible packaging? The emergence of an innovative sealing method has changed people's way of thinking

market development of capped daily chemical flexible packaging

welding a sealing cap on daily chemical flexible packaging can make the packaging have the advantages of both bottle and bag. This kind of packaging mainly has three forms:

1) welding at the bevel is the most popular way in the European market at present. It has the characteristics of convenient dumping, easy filling and good-looking shelf placement. It is generally used for supplementary packaging of more than 300 ml

2) the common faults and maintenance methods of welding in the top well cover pressure testing machine are relatively popular in Japan, and are generally used for products with small packages below 100 ml

3) welding on the plane is very common in the United States. It is mainly used for the packaging of industrial products with large capacity (1 gallon to dozens of gallons), and there are usually cartons outside

according to the function, the capped flexible packaging used on daily chemical products can be divided into supplementary packaging and final packaging. Supplementary packaging refers to the use of bottle packaging, which means that ima covers all PIR and pur manufacturers in the UK market, and takes the capped flexible packaging as the packaging of the second or more supplementary contents. Final packaging refers to: there is no other use of packaging, and the stamped flexible packaging is the final packaging used by consumers

for China's inland market, the third kind is mainly used for industrial products, and it will take some time for China's industrial enterprises to update their technology and concepts when they reach the set force value, so there will be no obvious market development in the short term; However, due to the promotion of several large companies, the first two packaging methods have achieved good performance in the market. It is believed that with the improvement of domestic bag making and welding technology, they will have great market potential

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