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Silver dove paper investment two paper projects

recently, silver dove investment published a report on the issuance of non-public shares in 2007. The company issued 54.6 million a shares to 8 specific objects, and the issue price was finally determined to be 7.06 yuan/share. The net amount of funds actually raised was 38.076 million yuan. The closing date of the limited sale period of 8million shares subscribed by Luohe Yinge Industrial Group Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of the company, is August 16, 2010, and the closing date of the limited sale period of shares subscribed by the other seven specific objects is August 16, 2008

Chu Gang, director and Secretary of the board of directors of silver dove investment, told that the successful refinancing of silver dove investment is a milestone in the development history of silver dove. Through this financing, the net assets of the company increased from 760 million yuan to 1.15 billion yuan, and the asset liability ratio decreased from 65% to 55%, making Yinge investment into the ranks of large enterprises. At the same time, it also greatly improved the company's credit rating, increased the credit limit, reduced financial expenses, provided favorable support for the future mergers and acquisitions of Yinge investment, and accumulated rich experience for the company to implement the second refinancing as soon as possible

Chu Gang said that the funds raised from this non-public offering mainly invested in two projects: the first is the project with an annual output of 50000 tons of special paper; Second, the annual output of 150000 tons of high-strength corrugated paper project. The investment project of the raised funds follows the principle of highlighting the main business. After the project is completed and put into operation, based on the company's existing industrial scale and brand advantages of cultural paper, packaging paper and household paper, by increasing investment in special paper and packaging paper, the company's product varieties will be further enriched, and a new industrial pattern of dominant products cultural paper, the largest packaging paper in the central and western regions, and high value-added special paper will be formed, Effectively improve the overall profitability of the company

Chu Gang said that the good performance of silver dove investment has laid a solid foundation for the successful refinancing. For several consecutive years, the investment performance of silver dove has been in the forefront of Listed Companies in the national paper industry. According to the 2006 annual report, the turnover rate of accounts receivable, return on net assets, compound growth rate of net profit and other indicators of Yinge investment rank first among Listed Companies in the national paper industry. At present, the investment capacity of silver pigeon has reached 800000 tons, and it has entered the ranks of national first-class paper enterprises

compared with the company's financial statements in recent years, the gross profit rate of cultural paper, as the main source of income and profit of silver dove investment, has maintained a steady upward trend in the past three years. In 2005, we paid close attention to the real needs of customers compared with 2004. The main reason for the increase in gross profit rate is the sharp rise in product prices. In 2006, when the prices of products and raw materials remained stable and increased, The company still achieved a gross profit margin of 1.42 percentage points higher than that in 2005. The main reason is that with the help of Marubeni Co., Ltd., the company has increased technological transformation and process innovation, strengthened production management, and successfully realized cost potential tapping according to the statistics of the lithium industry branch, reflecting the company's strong profitability and operating efficiency

according to the data, at the end of 2005, there were about 3600 national paper and paperboard production enterprises that all passed the finetest II controller, but most of them had small production scale, and only a few dozen of them had a production scale of more than 100000 tons. Silver Pigeon investment has developed rapidly in recent years, among which the production capacity of cultural paper has been firmly in the forefront of the country. Especially after the completion of the investment project funded by the non-public offering of shares, the annual production capacity of various types of machine-made paper of the company will exceed 800000 tons

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