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Silk dyeing technology

more and more people are paying attention to silk flowers. Silk flowers are pure handmade flowers, which are simple to operate. The finished flowers give you a hazy feeling, and the colors are colorful, just like the colorful garden in your dream. They are ethereal and looming. You can pick one and wear it in your hair room, or you can pick it and put it in your room, adding a gentle breeze to your room, There seems to be a faint fragrance of flowers floating in the air

with the upsurge of silk flower learning across the country, about hundreds of people learn silk flower making technology every day, that is, hundreds of people are looking for silk materials

Shijiazhuang Guangcai flower art exclusive training silk dyeing technology. You can dye an ordinary piece of white silk into the color you need (monochrome, bicolor) through the dyeing process, without special equipment. You can operate at home without pollution. After dyeing, there is no need to change the software or host computer. We believe that part of the process is easy to operate. In addition, we train silk flower making technology, learn more than 30 kinds of flower making, as well as the production of corsage and headflower. Silk flowers are all handmade, regardless of age, gender, cultural restrictions The disabled can also be processed, regardless of region, weather and season, and can be produced all year round. If you learn this technology, you can strengthen communication and coordination to set up a factory at home (other raw materials are supplied by our company at the ex factory price). You can not only process silk, wholesale raw materials, but also produce and sell silk flowers and plants by yourself. The cost is controlled by yourself. Our company is responsible for the unified publicity on the. You can have two shops in one store and kill two birds with one stone<1. Generally, it can be used more than 100000 times/p>

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