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Guangxi silkworm research project passed the provincial appraisal. On March 11, the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region organized experts to appraise the results of the "demonstration research on the construction of a mulberry silk quality monitoring platform and service system with an export temperature not higher than 150 degrees" project undertaken by Guangxi inspection and Quarantine Bureau. After that, the weight was reduced from 15kg to 6kg. This research project filled the gap in the information platform for mulberry silk quality monitoring in our region and was at the national advanced level

with the implementation of the national "moving mulberry from east to west" project, mulberry industry has become the pillar industry of rural economic development in our region. The output of silkworm cocoons in the region has accounted for more than 25% of the country for five consecutive years, ranking first in the country. The annual export inspection volume of raw silk is about 2000 tons

the research ② industrial policy support research project promotes the establishment of testing laboratories and network service platforms for export production enterprises, implements electronic supervision of enterprise quality, trains fully qualified enterprise inspectors, and forms a degradable material for export mulberry silk testing. As the name suggests, it takes resource sharing, co construction and co management as the core under certain conditions Realize the quality monitoring platform and network service system of resource information sharing, and gradually form the inspection and detection technology system of exported mulberry silk covering the whole region

experts believe that the project has established a quality monitoring platform and service system for resource information sharing, which has the functions of quality monitoring, technical consulting, business training, technical guidance, information inquiry and so on. It is innovative and plays a positive role in promoting the rapid development of the cocoon and silk industry in our region

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