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Preparation and use of luminous ink

luminous ink is a mixture of luminous pigment and ordinary ink in a certain proportion. After absorbing sunlight or natural light for a certain time, it can continue to emit light in the dark for more than several hours. With high heat resistance and wear resistance, it is suitable for all kinds of paper, textiles, wood, plastics The phenomenon that metals show their characteristics through original technology objectively leads to the widespread existence of new material industry in China "It is difficult to use the surface of different textures, pottery and other materials with materials.

preparation method of luminous ink:

① luminous pigment is suitable for neutral transparent resin.

② different types of transparent inks are selected according to different substrates for preparation.

③ luminous pigments with small particle sizes such as C, D, e are selected.

④ the dosage of luminous pigment is generally% of the total amount, or the luminous pigment is determined according to the requirements of luminous brightness Dosage of. The higher the content of luminous pigment in the ink, the higher the luminous brightness of the pattern printed by the ink, and the longer the luminous time is to improve the industry standard management

⑤ luminous pigments cannot be ground, and can be dispersed and stirred at high speed in plastic containers such as PE or containers with glass and enamel lining

⑥ heavy metal compounds cannot be used as additives

instructions for the use of luminous ink:

① the lightweight of ink material is an important technology to realize the lightweight of automobile. The viscosity is about poise

② when printing, adjust the ink viscosity with diluent according to the printing speed

③ use white backing under the luminous coating or directly print on the white substrate, which can improve the brightness and luminous time of the printed pattern. If the bottom color is dark, the luminous brightness should be reduced by 50%

④ in order to obtain the luminous pattern with ideal brightness, the minimum film thickness of the luminous ink layer should not be less than 100um

⑤ because the ink layer printed with low mesh silk is thick, a pattern with ideal luminous effect can be obtained, so the use of target silk is ideal

⑥ 1kg luminous powder can be used to prepare 2L luminous ink

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