Preparation before installation and commissioning

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Preparations before installation and commissioning of the sawing machine

I. the hydraulic oil on the sawing machine should be sufficient, and the sliding and rotating parts should be smeared with a layer of engine oil

II. Install the saw band on the band sawing machine, adjust the tightening device (rotate the left handle of the saw frame) to tighten the saw band to an appropriate degree, and adjust the travel switch. The contact just touches the retaining iron and is in the open state

III. add enough coolant into the cooling water tank

IV. after doing the above preparations, connect the power supply. The grounding must be standard and reliable. Turn on the power switch (on the electrical control box), start the saw in the same grade of the experimental machine for commissioning, correct the wiring according to the rotation direction indicated on the label, and listen to whether its sound is normal. During the operation, let the saw bow drop automatically, so that the saw band falls below the workbench by 0 Realize the industrialization and utilization of more than 70 kinds of key new materials by 5~1mm, and the limit switch head will automatically rise when it hits the impact block. When it reaches the limit position height, whether it will automatically stop so that it cannot stretch freely, and conduct three consecutive experiments. During operation, adjust the tightening device to be in a relaxed state, let the travel switch contact leave the impact block, cut off power and shut down, and conduct three consecutive experiments

v. check the lifting and lowering cylinder devices, and check whether the lifting and falling of the saw bow are reliable and flexible

VI. check the clamping and loosening oil cylinder device, and check whether the clamping is reliable and the loosening is flexible

VII. Adjust the speed control knob to the first gear (low speed) for operation, and then adjust the speed, that is, weithheim in Germany to the second gear (high speed) for operation, and repeat the experiment three times

VIII. After the power switch of the main motor is turned on, the water pump starts at the same time, and the cooling system operates normally. Debug the valve and check whether the coolant is smooth

IX. after making the above preparations, load, clamp and lock, and carry out trial sawing. (end)

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