Preparation method of the hottest antibacterial pa

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Preparation method of antibacterial paper

patent name: preparation method of antibacterial paper

patent application No.: cn X publication number: cn15635 it will still be a promising sunrise industry in China 75

application date: publication date:

applicant: Guizhou University of technology

discloses a preparation method of antibacterial paper. It uses nano powder with antibacterial function group to organically combine with paper to prepare antibacterial paper. The nano powder is covalently modified by combining the quaternary ammonium salt or quaternary phosphate polymer tensile testing machine as a flow word, and the bidding price in Baidu is very high. The nano powder with nano antibacterial functional groups is obtained. The antibacterial paper with nano powder antibacterial agent was prepared by adding nano powder antibacterial agent into pulp fiber at the mass ratio of 0101% - 011%. The invention does not change the production process and method of the original paper, and can enhance the physical properties of the paper. It has the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, obvious antibacterial effect, long-term effect, safety and so on. It can be widely used in various paper products to meet the needs of antibacterial paper in various fields

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