Preparation of rubber accelerator zbec by the hott

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One step preparation of rubber accelerator zbec new cleaner production process and other projects have been supported by the state

the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of science and technology recently announced a total of 7423 projects supported by the state in 2012, which are basically more than 1 ton, with an amount of 4.003 billion yuan. Among them, the pilot test of "EPDM special curing agent (promotion requires regular clearing agent)" undertaken by Liaoning Chaoyang haoyouda rubber and plastic additives Co., Ltd. received 700000 yuan free of charge; The "secondary amino silane coupling agent" undertaken by Anhui Sibao Xiangfei organosilicon New Material Co., Ltd. received a subsidy of 500000 yuan if the mechanical properties could not meet the standard; The "new process and industrialization of MBT pure oxygen extraction of rubber accelerator" undertaken by Shandong Zibo gaohui Chemical Co., Ltd. received a discount loan of 600000 yuan; The "one-step clean production process for preparing rubber accelerator zbec" undertaken by Henan Hebi Lianhao Chemical Co., Ltd. received a free subsidy of 700000 yuan

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