Trends of pure benzene Market in Europe and Asia

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Europe and Asia pure benzene market dynamics

spot FOB Rotterdam USD/ton on Friday

weekly average FOB Rotterdam 882 40 dollars/ton

monthly contract price: 654.00 euros/ton

last week, the benzene Market in northwest Europe was a market related to supply and demand, rather than just following the energy cost. On the one hand, production reduction is the main reason why the spot price broke through $900/ton (cifara). Due to planned and unplanned shutdown from May to June, benzene production lost more than 55000 tons. Three German plants have cooperated in automobile lightweight, oil efficiency and safety. A Dutch plant and an American plant have lost the above-mentioned benzene output. At the same time, on the other hand, some sources believe that northwest Europe is not so out of stock. A source said that the benzene inventory at the end of May was about 200000 tons. Many styrene plants have reduced the startup rate. It is said that the demand for benzene is shrinking and the market is relatively stable. In addition, the arrival of Caribbean and Brazilian goods in the Mediterranean eased some pressure on the northwest European market. On the spot market, the transaction price of June goods at the beginning of last week was 845 US dollars/ton (cifara), and then reached 900 US dollars/ton (cifara). It is reported that the private transaction was concluded in USD/ton (cifara), but the market fell last Friday, and the quotation fell to 920 USD/ton (cifara) before the end of the trading day. The goods were traded in early July last week, reaching the highest level of $884/ton (cifara), and fell to $865/ton (cifara) and $840/ton (cifara) last Friday. At the same time, the production news is that a cracking unit of carling joint venture in France has stopped production, which has little impact on benzene production in the region. 3. Merl is using 5-axis additive manufacturing technology, that is, 5D printing, to manufacture components whose strength is 3 to 5 times stronger than that of conventional 3D printing. The cracking production line in this region stopped production at the end of the previous week, but the company said it had enough inventory to fulfill its contractual obligations. People in the market talked about the two-week delay in the commencement of a British benzene plant. An HDA device with an annual capacity of 100000 tons in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, began production early last week. The unit was shut down in early April for planned maintenance. At first, it was thought that production would resume at the end of May

the Asian market as a whole rose last week, but fell over the weekend. Compared with the peak dollar/ton in the middle of the week, the FOB South Korea price rose by $50, which was mainly driven by the bull market atmosphere in the United States and European markets. However, since Thursday, trading in the Asian market has started to show a downturn, which is mainly due to the instability of U.S. sentiment - most middlemen are difficult to determine the market price of pure benzene in the U.S. market in August. By Friday, as the Asian American arbitrage window was obviously closed, some policy regulations and gray industry regulations were not conducive to the development of Chinese enterprises, and the FOB South Korea price fell by $25/ton. It is reported that US pure benzene was discussed at 271 cents/gallon or 810 US dollars/ton FOB US Gulf in August. On Friday, the seller's quotation for the July shipment was $800/ton FOB South Korea, but people in most cities ② martenfort formula field believed that this price was simply unrealistic. Some people from the factory feel that the current market should be in USD/ton FOB South Korea, which is mainly based on the transaction price from Wednesday's market, which is in USD/ton FOB South Korea, and the Asian American arbitrage window is in USD 770/ton FOB South Korea, which has been closed. At present, the FOB market price in South Korea is USD/ton

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