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Notice on holding the "2019 China pulp and paper automation technology seminar"

in order to better implement the national development strategy, promote the application of advanced instrumentation and automation technology in the pulp and paper industry, help the construction of green and intelligent paper mills with safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency and sustainable development, and improve the economic benefits and international competitiveness of China's paper industry, The China papermaking association plans to hold the "2019 China papermaking automation technology seminar on testing paper with furniture laboratory machines" in Yueyang City, Hunan Province since last year in March 2019. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I Organization


China papermaking society


Product Information Working Committee of China instrumentation society

Beijing Yuanxin huitai science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

automation professional committee of China papermaking society

Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Liangxin Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yihe Valve Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou transportation the Da Paper Equipment Co., Ltd.

II. Meeting time and place

time: March 20-24, 2019

(20 arrival, check-in place: hotel lobby)

place: Grand Yuntian Hotel, Yueyang City, Hunan Province

(address: No. 29, dongmaoling Road, Yueyanglou District, Yueyang City,:)

III. meeting content and schedule

(I) plenary meeting: discuss and exchange instruments and meters around the development needs of pulp and paper Common and cutting-edge technical content of automation technology and intelligent paper mill, such as development trend, standard, engineering design, project experience, operation and maintenance management, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and emission reduction, process scheme optimization and control strategy, etc

(II) special meetings: set up special topics for important technologies and carry out special exchanges, such as the application of field instruments and operation and maintenance management; Application and operation and maintenance management of control system; Special topics on energy conservation and emission reduction, process scheme optimization and control strategy; Engineering project cooperation conference, etc

(III) display of new products and technologies: display the field instruments, control valves, (special) analytical instruments, control systems, automation equipment, energy conservation and emission reduction, process scheme optimization and control strategies required for pulp and paper production and operation

(IV) selection and commendation: selection and commendation of excellent papers

(V) docking of engineering technology needs: during the meeting, consultation and exchange were conducted on the needs and difficulties of some engineering construction projects, docking, exchange and negotiation were conducted on the difficult technical problems existing in production, operation and maintenance, and negotiation was conducted on the transformation and utilization of some relevant research results

(VI) investigation and investigation of Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd

(VII) schedule

March 20: the general assembly is registered throughout the day

March 21: opening ceremony + plenary meeting + Exhibition + selection and commendation

March 22: plenary meeting + exhibition

March 23:

morning, special meeting

in the afternoon, the engineering project cooperation and docking conference + research Yuezhi

March 24: Representatives return

IV. representatives participating in the meeting

(I) leaders and experts of relevant government departments and associations

(II) main leaders of pulp and paper enterprises, persons in charge of technology, process, equipment, automation and procurement, and persons in charge of engineering design units

(III) representatives of well-known instrumentation and automation enterprises at home and abroad

(IV) experts and representatives from universities and scientific research institutes

(V) representatives of relevant media

v. solicitation of papers and publication of papers

welcome paper-making enterprises, design institutes, engineering companies, paper-making equipment enterprises, and instrument automation enterprises to write papers on the technical problems and solutions of key engineering project implementation, product selection, operation and maintenance, intelligent factory construction experience, and instrument automation, informatization, and intelligent business advanced and deep hospitals. For excellent papers with great practical value, the organizing committee will, as appropriate, arrange to publicize or invite the author of the paper to speak and participate in the discussion during the meeting, and issue certificates to the excellent author of the paper

the paper should be written according to the requirements of the template (see Annex I), with about 5000 words. The drawings should be clear and marked with the drawing number. The deadline for this essay solicitation is February 28, 2019. The author is requested to submit documents in word and PDF formats and send them to

@ and leihuang@ mailboxes

the papers that have passed the review will be included in the conference. Not only the resettlement of coal workers in the process of reducing production capacity, the local government needs to invest in discussing the "collection of papers", and the excellent papers are recommended to be published in the official journals of China paper journal, instrument users and other magazines

VI. meeting arrangements

this meeting entrusted Beijing Yuanxin huitai Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the revenue and expenditure of the meeting. The conference fee for ordinary delegates is 2000 per person, and 1000 per person is charged for pulp and paper, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions (including conference services, information fees, meals, etc.). Board and lodging will be arranged for the meeting, and the transportation and accommodation expenses will be borne by themselves

VII. Contact information

Hu Jie:


Liu Zheming:


Lei Huang:


Qi Xiaodong:


Annex I: paper template

annex II: participation instructions and registration receipt form

China paper society

December 10, 2018

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