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About the present and the future, Cummins starts a new journey in China

about the present and the future, Cummins starts a new journey in China

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in recent years, the topic of emission upgrading in the automotive industry has remained hot, especially in the field of commercial vehicles. Professionals believe that the electronic fuel system is the core component of the engine, and the realization of the national six stage emission upgrading in China is inseparable from the electronic fuel system

recently, Cummins electronics and fuel system (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Cummins electronic fuel Wuhan) ushered in the 10th anniversary celebration. In addition to summarizing the ten-year growth process, the celebration also welcomed the official offline of the 2million fuel injectors and the 800000 electronic control units of Cummins electronic fuel system in China

During the period of

, Cary chenanda, the global general manager of Cummins electronics and fuel system, Chen Hua, the general manager of Cummins China parts business department, and Chen Jian, the general manager of Cummins fuel system (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. exchanged views with Cummins on the development of Cummins electronic fuel system in the past ten years, the deployment of Cummins parts business in China, as well as the industry focus topics such as national VI and new energy

seize the opportunity

the emission upgrading of commercial vehicles is not only a society that vehicle and engine enterprises need to actively implement, but also a society where energy conservation and emission reduction are challenges and opportunities, which can promote the innovation and continuous progress of products

Cummins engine is well-known for its outstanding power and economy, and has been widely recognized by logistics users in China. The fuel system, a key component, plays an extraordinary role in it. Facing the general trend of environmental protection, Cummins electronic fuel system also needs to face the challenges and grasp the opportunities

in this regard, Cary chenanda pointed out that Cummins electronic fuel system adopts higher standards, which can meet the emission regulations of different regions in the world. In the face of China's upcoming national six standard, Cummins has no major technical challenges. Moreover, Cummins' existing technical strength and product matrix are sufficient to meet regulatory requirements. Recently, Cummins also released the national VI product technology

① emission upgrading brings development opportunities in Beijing. According to Chen Jian, Cummins electronic fuel Wuhan laid the foundation in 2007 and was completed and put into operation in 2008. It has been growing and expanding in the past 10 years and its business has continued to develop. The company has gone through the whole process of upgrading from country 3, country 4, country 5 to country 6. Emission upgrading is a very important development opportunity for the development of electronic fuel system

② there is a huge space for market growth and adjustment according to samples or components. Chen Hua said that Cummins' key components include fuel system, control system, intake air treatment, filtration system and exhaust gas treatment system. At present, all kinds of products have outstanding achievements in the Chinese market and will have a bright future. For example, filters and turbochargers, which started earlier in China

it is reported that due to its early entry into the market, Cummins has formed cooperation with major domestic vehicle manufacturers and engine manufacturers with these two products, and the market share of the products has remained high. Among them, the market share of turbocharger products has obvious leading advantages in the field of medium and heavy trucks, and also performs well in the field of light trucks. Next, turbocharger is expected to have more expected achievements in the field of light truck in the national phase VI

innovation and upgrading

Cummins electronic fuel system has taken the lead in the process of deepening the market, and has also been greatly recognized by users in terms of fuel saving. Then, the vehicle fuel economy can be optimized through the electronic fuel system? In fact, fuel saving is not so simple, it needs a series of optimization

① improve engine combustion efficiency. It is undeniable that the fuller the combustion of engine fuel, the higher the efficiency and the better the fuel economy. Cummins electronic fuel system further optimizes the in cylinder combustion technology by improving the fuel injection pressure and injection accuracy, so as to organically integrate the fuel system with the engine and make the engine fuel burn more fully, so as to improve the fuel efficiency of the engine

② upgrade the electronic control intelligent system. The intelligent upgrading of the electronic control system can also improve fuel efficiency, thereby improving the fuel economy of the engine. At the same time, the upgrading of fuel system and electronic control system can also help the aftertreatment system achieve lower emissions. Cummins will use this technology to help domestic commercial vehicles achieve better energy conservation and emission reduction in terms of national VI emission upgrading

③ continuous improvement of power transmission. From the perspective of vehicle operation, reducing fuel consumption does not only start with the fuel system and electronic control system, but also depends on whether the transmission system and so on reach the optimal configuration, which ultimately constitutes a query word table for matching. Cummins has made another leap in fuel economy performance by completing technical improvements with partners in projects similar to super trucks. At the same time, Cummins has also cooperated with mainstream enterprises in China to try to recycle waste gas. In other words, constantly optimizing the key components of the engine can improve fuel efficiency and promote the efficient operation of the engine, which has been printed in every stage of Cummins' development

④ comprehensively lay out multiple driving forces. Cummins occupies an absolute leading position in the traditional power, and the relevant technologies are unparalleled forward-looking, but it also needs to face the challenges brought by new energy. At present, Cummins is transforming into a diversified power solution provider. For example, Cummins' core business includes not only the research and development of diesel engines, but also the research and development of natural gas engines. It has newly established an electric power division made of PVC and polystyrene, and announced to invest $500million in the next three years to develop electric power assemblies

two pronged approach

last year, Foton Cummins ushered in its 10th anniversary. This year, Cummins electronic fuel Wuhan also ushered in its 10th anniversary. Next, Cummins emission treatment system China will also usher in its 10th anniversary. Looking back on Cummins' development in China, it has been more than 40 years. In the Chinese market, Cummins has always adhered to the two pronged approach of "products and services", complying with the industry situation and user needs, so as to ensure that it does business step by step

① carry out personalized design according to localization needs. 17. Facing the personalized needs of different markets under experimental conditions [method], Cummins proposed personalized design. For example, users in some parts of China fill substandard oil products from time to time due to cost considerations, which has a huge test on the fuel system. To this end, Cummins has made full research and launched new products with filtering protection function, effectively avoiding the risk of product failure. Differentiated design and treatment according to requirements also ensure the reliability and stability of Cummins engine and help it perform perfectly under various operating conditions

② integrate technical resources and improve distribution service channels. There is no doubt about the quality of Cummins' products, and it also creates more benefits and greater convenience for users in terms of after-sales service. At present, Cummins' service network in China includes 16 regional service centers and more than 2000 authorized dealers of wholly-owned and joint ventures in China. Taking the electronic fuel system as an example, by the end of 2017, it had established business partnerships with 45 service dealers nationwide to build their maintenance service capabilities. Since then, including Cummins electronic fuel system, it will continue to integrate domestic factory, after-sales maintenance and distribution network resources to help users reduce maintenance and service costs, of which targeted investment will be made this year


Cummins electronic fuel system has been growing rapidly in China for ten years, which is a decade of vigorous development of China's commercial vehicle market. In the future, under the guidance of new economy, new logistics and new technology, the market will complete further standardization, and the requirements for complete vehicles, engines and their core parts will also pay more attention to economy, environmental protection, safety and reliability

Cummins, which has a strong appeal and influence all over the world, will not only continue to bring international advanced technology, processes and ideas, but also provide more valuable products and services for China's logistics industry and tens of millions of logistics users. In the next decade, we can expect Cummins to bring more surprises to the Chinese market

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