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Notice on organizing enterprises to visit npe2003 plastic exhibition in the United States

local packaging associations, committees of China Packaging Association and relevant enterprises:

to promote the development of China's plastic packaging and printing enterprises, expand foreign exchanges and create more cooperation opportunities for enterprises. With the approval of the State Economic and Trade Commission, China Packaging Association decided to organize colleagues from plastic packaging and printing enterprises to visit npe2003 plastic exhibition in the United States, visit well-known foreign plastic packaging and printing enterprises, and carry out technical seminars and business negotiations with international peers

npe2003 plastic exhibition is the largest plastic exhibition in the world. It is held every three years. The last exhibition attracted 90000 professionals from more than 100 countries with different prices. More than 2000 companies from all over the world participated in the last exhibition. The price is also different. The exhibition area of this session of the exhibition reached 100000 square meters. Among them, 57% of enterprises do not participate in other exhibitions except NPE, and 92% of enterprises specially come to Chicago to seek plastic machinery and related equipment

the scope of this exhibition not only covers the most advanced exhibits in all aspects of the industry, but also adds an exhibition area for pharmaceutical packaging and other related aspects. Npe2003 plastic exhibition will be larger than before

this trip to the United States will take place in late June 2003 and will last 12 days. Please read the detailed working procedures, The contact information is as follows:



address: China service building, No. 99 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing zip code: 100020

International Cooperation Department of China Packaging Technology Association

contact person: Wang Haiyan, Li Jingyuan

International Department of China Packaging Association

January 2003

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