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About paper cutting technology (I)

paper cutting technology - the premise and further development trend of economic treatment

the development of prepress and printing technology is very rapid and continues. The pace of process innovation continues to accelerate. Yesterday's printing equipment is constantly replaced by more advanced equipment with better quality and higher productivity. 15000 or more prints can be processed and cut per hour

increasing printing productivity means that more materials need to be handled and handled. Polar has kept up with the pace of development from the beginning - from the continuous modernization of the paper cutter to the latest integrated microcomputer controlled paper cutter. In addition, polar also recommends a smooth production process, using a peripheral system of material handling

in 2000, polar introduced a complete set of new products with 1 hook on the hook shaft. They are not only a supplement to existing equipment, but also serve large-scale label production, including high-specification production equipment to improve the performance of complementary products

polar's products include the following equipment

paper cutter, from the smallest polar 66 t to 176, that is, the width from 66 cm to 176 cm

peripheral equipment, used for material processing

paper lifting table paper roll elevator

paper stacking equipment

buffer paper stacking equipment

automatic paper loading and unloading equipment

transportation system

complete paper cutting system

complete paper cutting system composed of the above components

various trademark label systems

including conveyor Die cutters forming, cutting, die cutting and bundling equipment

pile turners stacking equipment paper pile upender

generally speaking, cutting is a simple working process, but with the great progress of industrialization, the traditional process has also changed greatly in the field of paper processing in the printing industry. Printing opportunities and bookbinders have experienced several generations of folding from tape controlled paper cutters to the latest microcomputer controlled cutting systems. Research and development have produced new paper cutters and cutting system equipment with high cutting accuracy, strong planting and cutting capacity and high output. In just a few years, there have been cutting machines with color display, full image operation guidance, visual processing process and computer-aided cutting external programming and production data. All these improvements are always aimed at making the cutting process more economical. As a result, the output of each process is higher and the preparation time is shorter. Here are some important aspects of the cutting process

1, material preparation

2, cutting process

3, loading and unloading paper

4, further processing requirements

5, requirements for employees


1, cutting material preparation --

includes paper inspection or quality control, including quantitative measurement, and paper alignment (alignment - that is, through the conventional paper breaking process code alignment processing)

2, cutting process - including the actual cutting operation,

the method of programming operation can be completed manually, automatically or at a distance from other paper cutting workbench

in addition, it also includes the automatic programming of the machine room, which can be supplemented by the help scheme for the machine cutter workbench or the material processing on the cutter

necessary machine the choice of paper cutter depends on the requirements of the specific cutting process. Under the conditions of industrialized large-scale and high-scale production, reducing the waste of cutting has become more and more important

3, the paper loading and unloading capacity of the cutting machine

the process can be manual or automated. According to the volume of the material, it can reach 60000 tons/year in a single set of devices through phosgene process; When the range of a single set of devices in the non phosgene process reaches 100000 tons/until the load value on the preset upper limit P is increased, the desktop loading of the front table or the rear table of the paper cutter of the annual cutting machine will be stopped. According to the required workflow direction, the paper can be unloaded on the left or right side of the machine paper cutter

4, requirements for further processing

paper cutting is not always the final stage, and the materials are often transported to another place for further processing. Therefore, the paper cutter is connected with the next workstation to shorten the whole production cycle

5, requirements for employees

it is very important for productivity and efficiency to choose the people who work next to the paper cutter, and many people cannot ensure the maximum output. The important thing is how to arrange a knowledgeable and capable person, and equip them with appropriate equipment and support combination of appropriate equipment

after focusing on these cutting processes, it is easy to understand the following prerequisites for efficient cutting

1, high-performance paper cutter

2, application-oriented option orientation of paper cutter

3, high-quality cutting tools (knives and good grinding device)

4, appropriate processing equipment (peripheral equipment)

5, good pre cutting material preparation

6, and qualified personnel assigned to material processing positions

due to the special structure of the printing industry, the size, production line, printing process and other characteristics of the printing company, the paper cutter manufacturers must provide various levels of appropriate paper cutters with different degrees of automation. There are two kinds of polar paper cutters with very special electronic control. There are two models, which are available in seven sizes. They all use special electronic control systems, which can meet the needs of various art picture printing industries

the corresponding cutting length of polar paper cutter is respectively; 66,78,92115137155 or 176 cm

the models of the paper cutting machine are polar E and polar ed

polar e-eltromat is a basic model suitable for conventional cutting business. It is programmable and has 128KB storage capacity, which is equivalent to about 12000 cutting positions. This model of machine is equipped with automatic programming and the most important function of arranging automatic working sequence. This model has the most important function of automatic programming and automatic execution of working procedures. It also has a simple text input function, which can record the name of customers and the function of users writing their own name and the description of process parts

polar ed eltromat dialog is the highest grade in this series, which represents the future development direction of paper cutting technology. It can meet the requirements of various challenging cutting processes and programming. Modes ed model is a paper cutter specially designed for professional printers. It can eliminate all possible problems and work without difficulty. It has a wider range of configurations to adapt to various special purposes. It is like adding an integrated IC text keyboard, so that the operator can input the description of live parts, other process specifications and relevant production information. At the same time, ED is designed for the whole cutting machine. It is designed for the control center of the computer-controlled cutting system

all modern polar paper cutters, from the most basic standard model to the highest model, have the following outstanding technical and operational performance:

simple operation:

the control panel is placed at a height convenient for the operator to operate, and the flat key input system is completely dustproof and splash proof

even difficult programs can be recorded and remembered quickly, because the arrangement of control devices is very logical and various symbols are easy to understand

all polar paper cutters can speak with paper cutters in various languages, including Chinese. They can display all cutting procedures, with various information, such as command data, material processing information, clamping pressure, paper pressing pressure, knife angle, operation mode adopted according to the purpose of use and use tips

the modern paper cutter includes the following technical features:

* high resolution 10. 4 "inch LCD signal transmission quality can effectively visualize the process

with the help of the module mode box programming system or the external polar comput software sb equipment, the page layout on the printed sheet to be cut will be automatically generated on the paper cutter according to the arrangement of the pictures on the paper

* high precision measurement and positioning system

includes a direct pulse generator, a frequency controlled drive motor, a high-precision shaft with universal ball bearings, and a precise linear guidance system for backgauge

the pulse generator is directly and firmly connected with the rotating shaft. This element transmits the measured data to the LCD liquid crystal display diode as an electrical signal, and the cutting position is displayed with an accuracy of 1/100 mm

driving of rear gear gauge: the maximum reversing speed can reach 30 cm/s through the frequency controlled drive motor with automatic braking and adjustable acceleration and deceleration

paper pressing clamping pressure

according to the pressure indication, at the working height, any kind of cutting can be quickly adjusted hydraulically and steplessly. This function adopts hydraulic stepless speed change mode. At the normal working height, the pressure level of different kinds of paper can be quickly adjusted according to the precise pressure level. Polar's paper pressing and clamping pressure range is wide, and the minimum pressure is very small, so as to correctly handle extremely fragile paper. For example, the minimum pressure of polar 115 can be flexibly adjusted from 150 kg to 4500 kg

drive of knife: drive of knife 1. Precautions for handsaw during installation. The moving system is designed to be solid and safe, requiring little maintenance. The worm gear runs in the oil tank

hydraulic clutch: it transmits all driving force to the knife. In fact, this clutch is basically not worn

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