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"About our external wall treatment plan" -- 8.9 plan

"about our external wall treatment plan" -- 8.9 plan

May 11, 2020

"about our external wall treatment plan" product system -- such as brick pendant, super mortar, Shupu primer, 8.9 plan · water wrapped sand imitation stone paint, copper wall and iron wall, liquid ceramic crystal, stone grain ceramic crystal, hydrophobic and oil repellent super surface glaze, etc

product introduction of exterior wall treatment scheme

brick carvings Pendant

brick carvings are a kind of carvings with bricks as the carving object. It comes from imitating stone carvings, but it is more economical and labor-saving than stone carvings, so it is also more widely used, especially in folk buildings

super mortar

this product is a new type of anti cracking material, which solves a major problem that has been puzzling the construction industry - the cracking of light insulation layer and the cracking of ordinary cement. It is a high-quality environmental protection material coating with high tensile strength and easy construction and anti freezing. It can be widely used in interior and exterior walls of various buildings

"about our external wall treatment plan" - 8.9 plan "about our external wall treatment plan" - 8.9 plan

Super primer

digital color Shupu external wall bottom is a new type of external wall primer newly developed by the company, which has energy conservation and environmental protection, simple construction, salt and alkali resistance, excellent adhesion and super long weather resistance. It is specially designed for ceramic tiles. Mosaic, aluminum-plastic plate, PVC, glass have outstanding performance on various foundations, improving the adhesion between the substrate and the surface layer

8.9 plan · sand in water imitation stone paint:

a thick and plain exterior wall decorative paint with decorative effect similar to marble and granite. It adopts materials such as polymer lotion polymer and natural quartz sand, polymer water-borne weather resistant resin, and forms irregular patterns of imitation burnt granite texture and color through original fusion technology. Its natural and real natural stone color gives people an elegant, harmonious and solemn aesthetic feeling. It is suitable for the interior decoration of various villa buildings, especially on curved buildings. It can receive vivid and lifelike decoration, and the requirement of returning the fixture is also very high. It has the effect of returning to nature

at the same time, the stone like paint has a computer software scanning and analysis system to lock the matching of color dots, which saves both labor and time in color matching

copper wall and iron wall waterproof and alkali resistant exterior wall

in view of the current common problem of exterior wall coating, which is prone to rainwater infiltration into the wall, resulting in blackening and mildew in the wall, blistering and delamination of the wall, and cumbersome construction process, the group announced the status quo when Bayer materials science and technology announced its independent plan last September, and launched a revolutionary waterproof and alkali resistant exterior wall paint - copper wall and iron wall series

liquid ceramic crystal

this product is refined with natural ceramic crystal sand and high molecular small particle size polymer representing the advanced technical level as the main ingredients. After batch coating, it has a real stone feeling, excellent weather resistance, improves the grade while taking into account the ease of construction, and has variable colors and wide applicability. It is the preferred exterior wall coating for high-end villas and hotels

stone grain ceramic crystal

this product is refined with natural ceramic crystal sand and polymer small particle size lotion representing the advanced technical level as the main ingredients. After batch coating, it has a simple style, excellent weather resistance, and special stone texture. It takes into account the ease of construction while improving the grade. It is the preferred exterior wall coating for high-end villas, hotel podiums, etc

hydrophobic and oil repellent · dirt repellent super surface glaze

this product is mainly composed of nano inorganic compounds, refined from special polymer materials. After coating, it can form a transparent film with high hydrophobicity, high oil repellency, high heat resistance, high hardness, high corrosion resistance and good decoration

it is recommended to be used on the exterior wall surface with high requirements for water drainage and pollution resistance, especially for the exterior wall of high-end luxury villas

use computer software to collect the physical quantity of the experimental process in real time

why is exterior wall coating more and more popular among the public

1. The exterior wall coating is safe and assured

the self weight of the coating is only 1% of the stone, which fundamentally gets rid of the worry that the dry hanging load of the stone is overweight, and the aging of the stone seriously endangers life and property

2. The surface of exterior wall coating is concave convex and smooth. The colors permeate each other, and the color particles bloom naturally in the spraying process, creating an aesthetic feeling especially like natural stone

3. Exterior wall coating can imitate different stone varieties such as granite and marble, and can achieve the desired effect of customers. In the visual interface, the false can be confused with the true, and the coating is smooth, which can achieve a wonderful effect, better than the natural effect

4. Outer wall coating PM - corrugated board edge pressing strength (n/m) material is not affected by the shape of the base surface, suitable for a variety of base surfaces, and can be painted arbitrarily with the shape of the building, giving full play to the creative inspiration of the architect

5. The exterior wall coating has excellent weather resistance, alkali resistance, flexibility, self-cleaning and UV resistance, and is not easy to fade. It is the best choice for high-end building decoration

6. Environmental protection and energy conservation of exterior wall coatings: it fully meets the national environmental protection requirements for building coatings. In the decoration of exterior walls, colorful coatings are light in weight, which will not bring load to the old walls, and can replace the precious stones with increasingly scarce resources. It can also cooperate with the external thermal insulation materials of exterior walls for professional stone imitation effect decoration

7. The construction period of exterior wall coating is short: Although the requirements for construction are high, professional spray guns need to be used to evenly spray a variety of colors, but only a single gun is needed to spray, forming at one time, so the construction time can be greatly saved

8. The exterior wall coating is highly creative: the design and construction are not subject to any restrictions, and the shape of the stone can be changed arbitrarily according to the designer's intention. It can also flexibly reflect the lines and layers of the building according to the design of the building itself. It can adapt to any irregular building wall, and can decorate any bending, fine edges and other parts

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