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Notice on convening the 14th National packaging adhesive technology promotion conference

in order to further improve the quality of packaging products, reduce production costs, solve various problems caused by the influence of adhesive factors in packaging enterprises, and better provide comprehensive services for packaging enterprises, our unit is entrusted by the China Packaging Federation (the former China Packaging Technology Association), The 13th National packaging adhesive technology promotion meeting and carton production technology seminar have been successfully held, and promotion meetings have been jointly held with the packaging technology associations of 16 provinces and cities such as Yunnan and Fujian. In response to the urgent requirements of enterprises, the 14th National packaging adhesive technology promotion meeting is scheduled to be held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province from September 12 to 14, 2006, The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

normal> I. conference promotion and training contents

normal>1. On site demonstration and training of the high quality used in the production of different paper products, such as automatic veneering machine, single-sided corrugated board manual veneering, honeycomb board, paper tube, high-strength and ordinary corrugated box Low cost "cold making high-strength and fast drying system to find reasonable materials and processing technology list adhesive" (clinker) production process technology: this series of technologies are developed by experts organized by China Packaging Federation and our unit according to the conditions of paper, raw materials and equipment, and in combination with local climatic conditions, to explore the optimization of the structure of abrasive tools, and to study different series of technical formulas with the lowest product cost, The best quality is suitable for the production of various grades of cartons and paper products under different temperatures and other conditions. This series of adhesives is made of ordinary starch cold water without large-scale reaction equipment. The equipment investment is about 1000 yuan, and the finished product can be produced in about 1 hour. With this technology, tons of glue can be produced per ton of starch, and the material cost is 300-600 yuan/ton. It solves the technical problem that ordinary starch glue has a slow drying speed and cannot be used in the production of honeycomb paperboard, ordinary corrugated boxes and automatic veneering machines. This series of technology has been identified by the expert committee composed of China Adhesive Industry Association, Henan Import and export inspection and Quarantine Bureau and other units organized by the Department of science and technology of Henan Province. "Compared with ordinary starch adhesives, the main performance indicators of this series of adhesives, such as bonding speed, bonding strength, edge pressure and so on, are at the leading level in China", especially suitable for paper products enterprises such as cartons, paper tubes, honeycomb paperboards and so on, In 2003, it won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Henan Province and was listed in the national key promotion plan


normal>2. On site demonstration and training of the series technology of producing solid rubber powder with ordinary starch and oxidized starch. This series of solid rubber powder is a new technology improved to meet the needs of adhesive manufacturers on the basis of the cold high-strength and fast drying series of adhesives. Compared with the solid rubber powder produced by ordinary oxidized starch, it has the advantages of good initial viscosity, fast drying speed, hard adhesive film, long shelf life and stable performance. It is suitable for the production of honeycomb paperboard, automatic veneering machine, cartons and various paper products

normal affects the transformation of scientific research achievements al>

normal>3. On site training explains the production technology of new starch adhesive (raw glue) for single-sided machine and corrugated board production line to improve the bonding strength, hardness, drying speed, water resistance and other performance indicators of corrugated board: the corrugated board produced by this technology is 10-30% higher than the cardboard made of traditional raw glue, Increase the thickness by 0.1-value= "1" hasspace= "false" negative= "true" Nu to avoid the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature mbertype= "1" tcsc= "0">-1mm, and solve the problems of low strength, slow drying speed and thickness failing to meet the export standard of paperboard produced by the automatic line

normal>4. Explain the common quality problems, causes and solutions in the production of adhesives and corrugated board

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