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The kitchen is the most accessible place in the family, and every step of decoration needs careful research. Especially for the kitchen, the essence of Chinese food is stir frying. The characteristics of heavy lampblack and taste make the kitchen environment of Chinese families not so beautiful. The range hood in the kitchen itself is the product of solving kitchen lampblack, so it is particularly important to choose a cost-effective range hood

a Cohen 20m3/min high suction smoke machine "stir fried King II" 8660 completely solves the choking lampblack, and the net absorption rate of lampblack is as high as 99.96%. Even if you continuously stir fried pepper in the kitchen, you can't smell the choking taste at all. The "stir fried King II" 8660 of the ten chef Electric brand Cohen cigarette machine adopts an inclined design, which greatly reduces the air inlet, locks the generated lampblack at the first time, effectively shortens the rising distance of lampblack, increases the area of lampblack, enhances the smoking speed, and makes the smoke exhaust effect more ideal. For a smoke machine, if you want to get a good smoke exhaust effect, you must first do a good job in the step of "closing the smoke"; The top ten kitchen electric brand Cohen "stir fried king" 8660 does not lower the distance from the stove for smoking like ordinary side smoking machines, but grabs the key area, sets the air inlet at a height of 580mm from the stove panel, infinitely approaches the source of oil smoke, and immediately cuts off when the oil smoke rises; Comprehensively "catch the lampblack", so that the lampblack will not escape at all

ten chef Electric brand Cohen cigarette machine "stir frying King II" 8660 details, one button stir frying, intelligent control, three gear wind speed regulation, to cope with various cooking environments; The integrated super large smoke collecting chamber can gather oil smoke more efficiently; Ten chef Electric brand Cohen cigarette machine "stir fried King II" 8660 has low noise and more convenient cleaning while efficiently gathering oil smoke. It adopts black crystal glass Cohen Da smoke guiding screen plate, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. It can be refreshed with a gentle wipe. The large capacity oil cup can also be easily disassembled and cleaned, making people more worry free; The library environment is clean, and the laughter of children playing can be clearly heard during the cooking process. You can enjoy life with your family and cook happily at the same time

as a quality manufacturing enterprise in the kitchen electricity industry of the whole category, Cohen, the top ten kitchen appliances brand, does not make too much exaggeration and exaggeration. It has always adhered to the core of innovative display technology, and continues to spread to high-quality and intelligent products, so that more consumers can truly experience the powerful functions of Cohen appliances, and establish the technical advantages of Cohen appliances in the kitchen electricity industry




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