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Decoration is a big project, involving various materials, of which the plate is a large piece. For decoration Xiaobai, which kind of board is more important

decoration is a big project, involving various materials, of which the plate is a large piece. For decoration Xiaobai, which kind of board is more important? After running the building materials market, we also found that the prices of various brands of plates vary greatly, but the appearance is similar. So, which kind of plate should we choose to make better? Next, the Millennium boat plate editor will take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these plates:

first, what is Blockboard:

Blockboard is commonly known as big core board. Blockboard is made of two pieces of veneer, which are glued between them, and then processed into short solid wood strips of a certain specification after heat treatment (i.e. drying in the drying room), and then spliced into intermediate boards manually or by a panel splicing machine, Then cover two layers of high-quality veneers on both sides of the spliced board, and then make it by cold and hot press. Blockboard is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, doors, windows and covers, partitions, false walls, heating hoods, curtain boxes, door panels, wall panels, etc

Blockboard for home decoration is indispensable. It is mainly used for ceiling, partition modeling, etc., and some owners use it to make furniture. Blockboard is the preferred material for the decoration base. The ecological board with decorative surface can be used for furniture. The decoration style is good, and the construction is convenient and fast, which is suitable for the needs of rapid decoration

II. Advantages and disadvantages of blockboard:


1. Blockboard is made of solid wood lath and thin veneer and processed by special plywood structure. It has good nail holding performance, high strength, stable performance, strong quality, sound absorption, heat insulation and other characteristics. The moisture content of blockboard is not high, between 10% and 13%, and the processing is simple

2. Blockboard has good processing performance. When we use it for decoration, the requirements for processing equipment are not very high, and we can carry out on-site construction and processing

3. Blockboard has more upper and lower veneers than finger joint board, which belongs to special plywood. Its physical performance is better than that of the finger joint plate, which is not easy to appear distortion, deformation and other phenomena, has better stability, and has low risk of affecting the decoration effect


1. Blockboard uses more glue than finger board in the production process, which will release more free formaldehyde from low-cost urea formaldehyde glue. It is not as good as finger board in terms of environmental protection, which is why most Blockboard boards taste pungent

2. After the glue pressing of the upper and lower boards, the invisible middle boards have Jerry built phenomena, such as: the gap between the spliced solid wood strips is large, the bonding strength is not high, bark, rotten recycled wood and other problems

3. The wood veneer of precious wood is pasted on the surface of the blockboard. When making furniture, it also needs moisture-proof maintenance treatment. Instead of painting directly on the blockboard, it often needs to stick the decorative panel and then paint

third, what is ecological board:

ecological board is a kind of board with plywood and blockboard as the base material and impregnated adhesive film paper as the facing material based on the production process of impregnated adhesive paper facing wood-based board. After improvement and innovation, it has been developed and produced. There are many other names for Eco board in the industry. The common names are paint free board and melamine board. Because the melamine faced melamine board of plywood and blockboard core can reach the ecological environmental protection level standard, it is called ecological board. Ecological board is a unique new type of wood decorative board in China

ecological board is more environmentally friendly than traditional chipboard and density board melamine paint free board, and has the characteristics of no paint, dirt resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention and moisture resistance. It is mainly used to make furniture, and is now an ideal environmental protection board

IV. advantages and disadvantages of ecological board:


1. Ecological board also has the characteristics of melamine paint free board, such as paint free, dirt and wear resistance, fire and moisture resistance, rich decorative patterns and colors, and other special advantages

2. Ecological board is better than other melamine boards in terms of environmental protection. It uses less glue, and uses high-cost environmental protection glue. The environmental protection can reach the highest level of E0

3. The core of ecological board is made of solid wood lath, rather than particleboard chips and fine fibers of density board. The nail holding capacity, moisture-proof performance and load-bearing capacity of the ecological board should be better

4. The ecological board has low requirements for processing equipment and can be suitable for decoration site construction


1. There are many kinds of products, and it is difficult for buyers to distinguish the quality from the surface. If you choose cheap low-quality ecological boards to make furniture, and the decorative paper of low-quality ecological boards is generally of poor quality, and it is easy to collapse after sawing when making furniture, so it is not suitable for furniture factories to produce finished furniture in batch

2. The price is expensive, and the cost of furniture made of new materials is high. Compared with particleboard and density board, the price of ecological board is relatively high in making furniture

the ecological board produced by Millennium boat, one of the top ten brands of board, can reach the highest level of E0. It immerses high-quality natural precious wood grain paper with different colors or textures in natural environmental protection resin adhesive, then dries to a certain degree of curing, paves it on the surface of E0 environmental protection plywood or blockboard, and is made by hot pressing. The appearance quality, processing accuracy and physical and mechanical properties of Millennium boat ecological board meet the requirements of national standards. Advanced production technology and excellent product quality make the products sell well all over the country and are favored by users. It is widely used in wardrobe, multi-function cabinet, closet, cabinet, shoe cabinet, bookshelf, dressing table, dining table, home decoration, panel furniture, cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and other fields




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