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Trace the source of environmental protection home: the first step of raw material planting environmental protection location of the first step of raw material planting environmental protection: Eucalyptus Forest District, Gaozhou City, Guangdong Province interpretation of production link: environmental protection should start from the source. The planting of raw materials and the selection of wood species are the first and very important links in the production of wood flooring

living home flooring is mainly produced by multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, and the base material is mostly Eucalyptus. Liuhaiwu, deputy director of Gaozhou Forestry Bureau, told reporters that compared with poplar, camphor and other tree species, eucalyptus has a high density. It is not only an excellent pulp and fiber tree species, but also a better wood tree species for joinery, carving, furniture, flooring and so on. In the late 1990s, Guangdong began to introduce Eucalyptus in a planned way, and large-scale planting of Eucalyptus began in 2002. Due to its subtropical climate and abundant light and water for Eucalyptus Growth, Guangdong, represented by Zhanjiang and Gaozhou, has become the largest planned production base of Eucalyptus commercial timber in China, providing sufficient raw materials for wood processing

in a eucalyptus forest covering an area of more than 35000 mu, the reporter noticed that eucalyptus is tall and straight, and its branches and leaves swing rhythmically with the wind. This is the largest base material base for living floors

"Eucalyptus is the broadleaf tree with the fastest growth rate. As long as the temperature and humidity are moderate, the growth will not stop. In 3-4 years, it will be as high as 14-16 meters, with a tail diameter of more than 7 cm, and it can be deforested." Guozhongqin, the person in charge of the forest area, told reporters, "the output of Eucalyptus is very high. 10000 mu of Eucalyptus forest can be cut down after only one year of growth, and the annual output of Eucalyptus alone is as high as about 12 tons."

environmental protection performance

always adhere to the "position" of environmental protection

whether it is the site selection of Eucalyptus forest area, fertilization and logging, when planting Eucalyptus forest on the floor of living homes, they all adhere to the position of "environmental protection"

recyclable utilization increases forest coverage

Guo Zhongqin said that many people mistakenly believed that eucalyptus would damage the ecological environment in the past, but it was not. "This eucalyptus forest used to be a deserted mountain. After reasonable development and utilization, it is now green all over the mountain, which is bound to increase the local forest coverage. At the same time, in order to make rational use of resources, our forest area and banana cross production, increasing the diversity of tree species."

more importantly, eucalyptus is a renewable resource and can be recycled. Eucalyptus grows very fast. On average, a Eucalyptus can be cut down 2-3 times a year, and its regeneration speed is much faster than that of development and utilization

local materials and reasonable fertilization

eucalyptus forest fertilization adopts the method of "local materials". After improvement, pig manure and chicken manure can become ideal fertilizers for Eucalyptus growth. After fermentation, pig manure and chicken manure become high-quality and environmental friendly fertilizers. After properly adding urea, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer and other fertilizers, they can also be made into high-quality compound bacterial fertilizer, which can be described as turning waste into treasure

manual felling conforms to relevant national regulations

"whether Eucalyptus can be cut down and how to cut it, we don't decide." Guozhongqin said, "if the eucalyptus forest with a large area needs to be cut down, it needs to apply to the forestry department at or above the county level to prove that the trees have met the cutting and replacement period before handling the cutting certificate."

liuhaiwu, deputy director of Gaozhou Forestry Bureau, also stressed that eucalyptus forests generally grow for 3-4 years, and have been more than 10 meters high by the fourth year. At this time, the inner cavity of the tree has been hollow, and it must be cut and renewed. Therefore, when planting Eucalyptus, it is necessary to record its planting time in detail, and reasonably plan the cutting amount according to its annual total production, so as to avoid the damage to the ecological environment caused by large-scale cutting




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