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In terms of public opinion, we should support singers and owners who do not want to be cheap and choose regular companies. Especially for decoration, it is a mature manifestation of consumption to resist the temptation of low prices and choose guaranteed services. However, regular companies will occasionally disappoint you, so it is most important to learn to distinguish and avoid risks. Whether it is a bright star path or a happy home dream, we should always keep a clear head

regular decoration companies often have some service loopholes, and exaggerated publicity is also one of the main reasons for consumer complaints. When signing the decoration contract, asking for all the preferential details is the key to avoid disputes in the future

danger 1: pay money first and then package

a preparatory male singer of a company paid more than 1 million to a celebrity brokerage company, but the brokerage company did not fulfill the original packaging commitment, and finally the preparatory male singer took them to court

the same is true for decoration, especially when signing a contract with a formal decoration company. As long as you sign the contract, you have to pay more than half of the contract price. Although formal companies in the home decoration industry rarely do not work, for prospective decorators, the single payment method of prepayment for decoration is still a little worrying

hedging tactics: oral invalid, the contract clearly states that after signing the bill with the decoration company, the designer basically does not go to the construction site, which completely depends on the quality of the contractor and workers. If the management of the decoration company is slightly weak, it is easy to have problems. Before signing the bill, the designer's main responsibility is to carry out interior design for the owner. Once the owner signs the bill with the decoration company, it means that the designer's main task is completed; After construction, the main responsibility of the designer is to check the construction progress and decoration effect of the design, and the designer will basically not go to the construction site. Don't listen to all kinds of oral promises made by the designer. If the designer or decoration company needs to make a certain commitment, it must be written in the supplementary terms of the contract

danger 2: publicity exaggeration

hype is the strength of the entertainment industry. In order to become an eye-catching singer, there must be not only works, but also gossip

the decoration industry has also shown a strong hype trend in the past two years. It was because of the temptation of the poster of a famous brand company that Miss Chen in Beijing signed the bill that she found that the discount was carried out on the basis of reducing projects, but she didn't mention it during the publicity, which made Miss Chen very disappointed with the hype of regular companies

hedging tactics: confront face-to-face and go to court

when consumers find that the promotion and publicity of the decoration company are different from the actual situation, they can ask the decoration company to correct the wrong practices or directly file a lawsuit, because the decoration company has the obligation to inform

danger 3: little people are snubbed

if you are a little person, I'm afraid the brokerage company will not package you. So if your family wants to cultivate this and that, I'm afraid this kind of potential seedlings will not cultivate you. Ms. Zhao's home is such a situation. She just wants to decorate it simply, but when she arrives at the decoration company, she feels embarrassed. It's not easy for other designers, so little people have to give up

tips for avoiding risks: entrust others to help

small projects generally refer to a single construction project, such as: only painting latex paint or tiling, etc., without other construction projects. The reason why some large and medium-sized decoration companies do not undertake such projects is that the project volume is small, and various costs will increase, so they will certainly lose money. You can entrust the material seller to provide construction services or help, or take the initiative to raise the unit price of construction items to the decoration company

danger 4: one's own supervision

many celebrities are agents of their relatives, so it's reassuring to do so. The same is true in the home decoration industry. The decoration company has its own supervision, so there is no need to go to the supervision company. But there is still a gap in the effect. After all, the supervision of the decoration company and the decoration company are one part, with strong class feelings. Moreover, if a supervisor wants to see more than a dozen construction sites at the same time, it is inevitable that there are places that others cannot take care of

tips for avoiding risks: professional institutions to check

if consumers are ready to hire a professional supervision company to supervise their home decoration project, they can fill in the name of the professional supervision company in the column of Party A's representative in the construction contract signed with the decoration company, so that the supervision of the professional supervision company can carry out the work in a fair and orderly manner. If the decoration company does not cooperate with the supervision work of the professional supervision company, it is equivalent to directly confronting Party A. the decoration company will not do such a stupid thing

danger 5: the dream of change operation fails

for singers, its positioning is the most critical. The decoration is also similar. The tailor-made plan and beautiful renderings are waiting for the workers to realize. However, the decoration also has its own characteristics. This effect picture is not necessarily the actual proportion. This plan may not be realized at home, so the changes caused by the unreasonable plan not only give non professionals a headache, but also the price is at their disposal

tips for avoiding risks: experts check and leave evidence

when the design is changed, the designer, engineering supervisor, foreman and owner must come to the site to participate in the discussion and sign for confirmation before the change. Changes should be recorded in formal written form. They are required to write down the change items and materials as carefully as possible, so as to leave written evidence. Another good way is to invite experts to see the decoration plan before signing the contract, so that unreasonable design can be avoided in the early stage




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