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Stair decoration is not used in most families, because most houses in the city are on the first floor now, and also because most people have limited economic conditions and cannot buy duplex houses. Stair decoration is generally practical for duplex, villas or rural houses. Now let's take a look at what should be paid attention to in stair decoration and what common sense it has

what should be paid attention to in stair decoration

1. Stair material: it is best to use wooden stairs with slow air connection and air supply, and less stairs made of stone and metal. Wood is the most natural material, while metal and other materials will more or less bring some sharp aura, which is harmful to health

2. Types of stairs: there are generally three types of home stairs, one is spiral stairs, one is inclined stairs, and one is stairs with turning platforms halfway. Compared with inclined stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way, the first step of the stairs is located in the center of the house. If the platform at the end of the stairs is the center of the house, it is a fierce pattern

3. Shape of stairs: stairs are pipes that move air quickly, which can make the air energy move from one floor to another in the home. When people go up and down the stairs, they will stir the air energy and make it move quickly along the stairs. In order to achieve the purpose of storing wind and gathering gas in the home, the air flow must rotate and avoid direct rushing. Therefore, the steeper the slope of the stairs, the stronger the negative effect on Feng Shui. Therefore, the slope of the stairs should be gentle and better. In terms of shape, spiral stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way are the first choice

common sense of stair decoration

1. From the material of stairs, many can be used, but the ideal material for stair railing is forged steel, followed by cast iron, wood and porcelain. The ideal handrail material is wood, followed by stone. Solid wood, slate, ceramic tile, steel plate, carpet, etc

2. In terms of the material of the stairs, the ideal material is cement concrete, then steel structure, and then wood. In terms of the use effect, that is to say, when people walk on the stairs, they can make as little noise as possible to maintain the quiet atmosphere of the family

3. Combined material stairs. In terms of the materials of stairs, many people now like to use them in combination, such as wood iron combination, stainless steel and glass combination, etc. compared with a single pure material, more elements will be more interesting

4. In terms of the width of stairs, according to the provisions of residential specifications, the net width of stairs in the suite should not be less than 0.75m when one side is facing the air; When there are walls on both sides, it should not be smaller than 0.90M. This regulation is the reasonable width for carrying furniture and daily items up and down the stairs. In addition, the step width of the stairs in the suite shall not be less than 0.22m, the height shall not be more than 0.20m, and the width of the fan-shaped step corner shall not be less than 0.22m away from the handrail

5. Slope is also a problem to be considered in the decoration design of stairs. This should be calculated according to the actual situation. Comfortable stairs, the height of the steps should be 15cm. If it is more than 18cm, you will feel tired when climbing the stairs

I hope that the above introduction of what to pay attention to and what common sense to have in stair decoration will be helpful to those who need it. Please look forward to more knowledge about stair decoration





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